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AdStage Now Supports Yahoo Gemini Integration

Under our vision to connect paid marketers to the data they need, we’re excited to announce a new data source integration: Yahoo Gemini. As a newly minted Yahoo Preferred  Partner, AdStage now provides customers the option to connect, analyze, and optimize their Yahoo Gemini ad campaigns at scale within the platform.

“Oath is excited to work with AdStage, the latest industry-leading partner who has committed to a higher standard of Yahoo Gemini product integration and client services to drive advertiser performance, scale, and ROI,” said Thomas Brennan, Head of Yahoo Gemini Partner Development.

Gain a Unified View of Search Performance Across Google, Bing, and Now Yahoo

Cross-Network Advertising Reporting

Analyze all your search campaigns together in one dashboard with AdStage Report; quickly understand spend pacing, performance trends, and your progress to goals from a bird’s eye view. Then dress up your dashboards with summaries, images, and performance graphs; and send them as beautiful, branded reports to clients or executives.

Unlock New Ways to Analyze and Report on Your Yahoo Gemini Campaigns

Dissect performance with table, bar, line, and pie graphs. Hone in to the data that matters with dimension filters.

Add goal lines to track your spend and performance progress towards goal targets.

“The new partnership allows us to innovate on top of the native Yahoo advertising platform’s capabilities in areas such as deeper metrics analysis, goal pacing, and the creation of always-on campaign monitoring and optimization rules,” said Paul Wicker, Vice President of Product at AdStage.

What’s Yahoo Gemini?

Gemini is an open marketplace for search, mobile, and native advertising inventory across Yahoo’s premium content properties and network partners.

New to Gemini? Sign up for an account here.

Why should I consider advertising on Yahoo Gemini?

  • Access to over 1 billion active Yahoo users
  • Ability to place advertising on premium inventory such as Yahoo News and Tumblr.

What ad types are supported?

  • Search ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • App install ads
  • Tumblr-sponsored posts
  • Carousel ads
  • Mail ads

Connecting Your Yahoo Gemini Accounts in AdStage

  1. Hover over your AdStage profile avatar icon on the bottom left-hand menu.
  2. Select, Integrations, from the available profile menu options.
  3. Once on the Integrations page, select the green “Connect” button on the top right-hand corner of the Accounts table.
  4. Choose Yahoo Gemini from the ‘Other’ category on the Integrations bar.
  5. Enter your Yahoo account credentials and select which account(s) to connect.

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