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10 Slack Apps to Boost Your Team's Productivity

As a PPC agency director or team manager, you know that your team’s productivity is one of the most important assets. Unfortunately, there's one thing that could be draining productivity inside your company. It's not social media or office politics.

I'm talking about meetings. Online or offline, agency meetings can become more of a time waste for your team than a productive task.

Slack, the popular team chat tool, changes the way you can hold meetings. And it’s not just the chat; it's the wide range of apps you can integrate on Slack.

The hundreds of Slack apps for marketers can help you find the availability of every meeting member, rent a meeting room, and make the call -- all without leaving the chat.

Here's a list of the best Slack apps you can use to make your team productive.

1. Trello


slack apps - trello Image Source: Trello


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that allows you to organize the projects discussed in your meetings in a simple manner.

By integrating Trello with Slack, you can add new Trello cards to boards directly from Slack with the "/trello add" command. You can also join Trello cards and boards, change deadlines, and attach conversations, among other things. All this can help you get started on your projects right away while you carry out your meetings.

Cost: Free, $9.99 for the Business Plan, and $20.83 for the Enterprise plan, priced per user.

2. GoodTalk


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GoodTalk is a bot that allows managers and employees to add things to the agenda between meetings. GoodTalk allows you to follow up on everything that's discussed at the meetings, whether it’s after a client call or an all-hands meeting, fostering high-performance habits and a culture of open feedback.

GoodTalk can also assist you to prepare your one-on-ones and team meetings, keep you updated with the action items and outcomes of your meetings, keep you aligned with your team's goals and objectives, and give better feedback to your team's members.

Cost: Free

3. Google Calendar


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Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendar tools that help your team stay organized with shared calendars, event reminders, and more. With the Google Calendar integration, you can send reminders to the members before an event starts, share the summary of the current day's and week's events, and update any changes to the event.

A shared calendar can help you organize your meetings with greater efficiency. You don't waste time emailing people and asking questions; you simply check their calendars and book the meeting right away.

Cost: Free

4. Meekan


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With the help of Meekan, which the company calls the "world’s smartest AI scheduling assistant," you can match everyone’s calendars in seconds. After you integrate Meekan with your Slack chat, you can discover everyone’s availability and preferences to set the best time to meet. This can allow you to work out any time differences and find time to meet.

Cost: Free.

5. Geekbot


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Daily standup sessions can help your agency members keep each other accountable. Carrying out those sessions, however, can be harder when done online.

Geekbot can help you run asynchronous standup meetings in Slack. As soon as you integrate it with your Slack chat, you will be able to add transparency to your meetings and stay focused on the tasks that matter.

Cost: $3 per user, per month, paid monthly, or $2.50 paid annually.

6. Meeting Room Ninja


slack productivity apps -- meeting room ninja Image Source: Meetingroom.nija


It's a common practice to schedule meetings well in advance. Sometimes, however, meetings happen ad hoc, and conference rooms can be hard to find.

With the help of Meeting Room Ninja, you can check your organization's Google Calendar for the meeting rooms available for the next 60 minutes. You only need to use the command "/meetingroom," and the bot will provide you with the time options, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. You then select one of the time slots, and the meeting room is instantly booked for you in your organization's Google Calendar.

Cost: Free.

7. Trackmeet


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Trackmeet is a Slack bot that lets you run meetings with purpose. By integrating Trackmeet with Slack, you can post virtually any content you've created in Trackmeet to a Slack channel or direct message. Not only can you push the meeting's agenda to a channel in advance, but you can also create notes summarizing the meeting and provide the participants with actionable steps.

Cost: Free.

8. TimeShow


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If you run a remote PPC agency or company, a common problem you likely have is coordinating the timezones of every member before scheduling a meeting.

The TimeShow Slack App saves you time by eliminating the challenges associated with users in multiple time zones. You only type the "/timeshow" command in one of your channels, and the bot lists all time zones and current times of all members of a group or channel, grouped by time zones. Not only that, TimeShow automatically instantly shows you the best "meeting windows" that work for all members.

Cost: Free.



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Finding the right time for a meeting can be an exhausting process. Ahoy.Ai is a meeting scheduler that helps you find the perfect time to meet with just one email or Slack command. Ahoy.Ai combines NLP (natural language processing) with ML/AI (machine learning and artificial intelligence) to find the best time to meet.

You only need to type "/meet [@person1, @person2, ...] Text about why you're meeting, and Ahoy.Ai will automatically send out the invites. Once the invites are accepted, or 12 hours have passed, the meeting will automatically show up for everyone who has confirmed their calendar.

Cost: Free.

10. AdStage

slack apps -- adstage

Running PPC campaigns in different ad networks takes a lot of time. For every report you create, you have to access each of the ad networks you advertise on, find the report you want to use for your analysis, and export the data.

AskAdStage gives PPC managers the ability to access and share reports right from the Slack chat. It's perfect for when the CMO asks for a trend or number you didn't have handy.

You can use AskAdStage to compare performance metrics across the most important search and social networks, including Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Adwords, among others. You can see the performance of your campaigns with the help of visualized data, including bar, line, and pie charts.

Finally, you can use AskAdStage to pause or enable your ad campaigns, ad groups, or individual ads.

Cost: From $749 for companies with up to $50k in ad spend, with a 14-day free trial.


Before closing, let me give you one last suggestion: don't install all these apps right away.

Pick two or three apps, install them, and test them in your next meetings. Once you see how these apps work for your team, you can measure their effectiveness and try new ones.

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