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12 Inspiring Instagram Ad Strategies for B2B

Instagram doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think about enterprise software and services, but it isn't just for beauty brands and travel bloggers.

With over 500 million daily active users and exciting new ad types, Instagram ads attract over 2 million advertisers. The platform is at a lower ad load than Facebook, a much cheaper option than Linkedin, and a great medium for marketers to give B2B brands a personality and voice. 

Looking for ways to add Instagram to your paid social media advertising mix? Get inspired by these 12 examples from B2B brands.

1. Adobe: Announce a product update

Adobe InstagramAd 300x575

Product announcements, whether it’s a new feature or integration, can boost engagement, help acquire new clients, and reactivate existing ones. Adobe uses Instagram Ads here to announce its integration with Microsoft Teams.

2. Asana: Promote content downloads

Asana InstagramAd 300x575 Asana2 InstagramAd 300x575

Instagram Ads can be helpful in promoting your brand’s cornerstone content and acquiring new leads, especially if you use Instagram Lead Ads, which come with pre-filled contact forms to reduce friction. In this example, Asana uses Instagram Ads to promote its downloadable guide.

3. Canva: Showcase customer testimonials

Canva InstagramAd 300x575Canva2 InstagramAd 300x575

A good B2B marketing strategy builds credibility and trust. And what a better way to do it than with a customer testimonial? Canva lets the customer speak for the brand while adding a strong call to action to drive sign-ups.

4. ConvertFlow: Drive traffic to Product Hunt

ConvertFlowTeam InstagramAd 300x575

Product Hunt has built a great audience of early adopters and curious investors: a great opportunity for up-and-coming B2B brands to showcase their technical expertise and get some initial business traction. Here, Convertflow uses Instagram ads to drive traffic to its Product Hunt featuring.

5. Gusto: Give enterprise software a consumer brand feel

Gusto InstagramAd 300x575Gusto2 InstagramAd 300x575

Do B2B buyers make decisions based on rational thinking alone? How to build an emotional connection with the audience is something that B2B marketers can learn from their consumer brand marketing colleagues.  Gusto builds that emotional connection at scale by using relatable visuals in their Instagram ad.

6. Numetric: Build brand identity and thought leadership

Numeric InstagramAd 300x575Numeric2 InstagramAd 300x575

Numetric hits two goals here by 1) featuring their logo to boost brand identity and 2) building thought leadership with an industry report. Instagram Ads help get the logo in front of new audiences and promote content with lead forms.

7. Salesforce: Stay top of mind

Salesforce InstagramAd 300x575

Whether you’re buying shoes, a lipstick, or a CRM system for your team globally, the decision-making process is very similar. Who comes to mind first? To pole vault into people’s subconscious, frequency is key -- across all channels. Salesforce uses Instagram ads to drive awareness and remind current customers and prospects about its brand through smart targeting.

8. Segment: Invite beta users

Segment InstagramAd 300x575

Public beta launch is often risky, because the first product release is rarely perfect. But here, Segment is likely using its beta launch to build interest and excitement among niche audiences of early adopters.

9. Sentient: Distill complex technology in a simple message

Sentient InstagramAd 300x575

Tech marketing is often about making the complex simple. San Francisco-based Sentient technology chooses not to speak about AI, ROI, and funnel optimization to their Instagram audiences. Instead, they post a picture of a magician.

10. TripActions: Capture the mobile consumer

TripActions InstagramAd 300x575

This ad caught me at the airport, so A+ for smart geo-targeting, and bonus points for the attractive creative that perfectly captures every business traveler’s love for caffeine.

11. WeWork: Location, location, location

WeWork InstagramAd 300x575

Instagram Ads are perfect for reaching local audiences. The account profile will show users where you’re on the map and help them find you while they’re out and about in your area. WeWork layers on detailed relevant targeting on top of location to woo startup enthusiasts to their SF coworking space.

12. OverOps: Jump on the meme bandwagon

Overops InstagramAd 300x575

When done right, taking a trending meme and applying it to your brand is the fastest way to resonate with audiences on Instagram. Hipchat was one of the first B2B brands to leverage memes in their print campaign back in 2011 (albeit not very successfully). Instagram is a better medium for memes, with one caveat: their lack of originality means you'll need to double down on the fun.

Anya Pratskevich

A senior content marketing manager on the AdStage team, Anya writes about paid media and curates a weekly newsletter with top news in ad tech. Send her tips, pitches, and guest post ideas to anya (at) adstage (dot) io. Anya tweets, occasionally, as @pratsaa.