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[PPC Podcast] This Week in Ad Tech Headlines for Nov 13 - Nov 17th

This week on The PPC Show, Paul Wicker and JD Prater break down the top eight headlines in ad tech and digital advertising for the week of Nov 13 - Nov 17th.Tune in as they cover the latest on Facebook Stories for Groups and Events, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in Sponsored InMail, and the latest in AdWords.



Facebook Launches Stories for Groups and Events

Users of Facebook Groups and Events can now contribute to a Facebook Story visible to the rest of the members and moderated by the admins.

Facebook rolls out dynamic ads for auto, updates lead ads for appointments
Facebook dynamic ads for auto allows manufacturers and dealers to upload their vehicle catalog with relevant details such as make, model and year. It then automatically generates ads that show the most compelling inventory to the right audiences—driving them toward vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms or other valuable places. With a single integration, you can make sure that your most relevant vehicles are always being shown to potential auto buyers—allowing you to focus on closing the sale.

Facebook’s dynamic ads for auto brands work similarly to the versions that cater to retail, hotel, airline and real estate advertisers. They retarget the people who checked out a brand’s site or mobile app or browsed similar sites elsewhere online with ads promoting specific products corresponding with that behavior.

Lead Ads
Facebook has added business locator and appointment scheduling features to lead ads so that a person can find a advertiser’s nearby location, such as a local auto service center, chiropractor office or hair salon, and schedule an appointment through the ad.
To activate the locator feature, a brand must include the zip code field in a lead ad’s form and provide Facebook with data mapping out its locations by zip code

LinkedIn Lets Advertisers Generate Leads from InMail and Dynamic Ads

LinkedIn is extending Lead Gen Forms to Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads to allow brands to collect information such as names, emails, and company names.
Lead Gen Forms attached to Sponsored InMail campaigns will roll out to all advertisers this week and work the same as the original Sponsored Content version, with no added cost to the advertiser for attaching them to an ad.
Brands will be able to access the data natively or via third-party CRM systems, including DriftRock, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle’s Eloqua and Zapier.

Snapchat is Rolling Out Context Cards for Its Sponsored Lenses and Filters

Snapchat context cards will finally let advertisers track purchases and clicks. Until now, advertisers could only use sponsored lenses and filters to track how many people viewed the ad and for how long.
Starting today, advertisers can add Context Cards to their lenses and filters for free, providing users more information about the lenses and filters they play with. Users can swipe up on any friend's snap that includes a sponsored lens or filter and open up the linked website URL without leaving Snapchat.

Pinterest Launches Pincodes and “Lens Your Look” Fashion Search

Pinterest sharpens its visual search with several updates: Lens Your Look search to help users match their outfits, and Pincodes -- a new take on QR codes for companies and publishers.

Twitter Launches Lower-Cost Subscription Access to Its Data

Twitter launches new Premium APIs designed to offer expanded access to Twitter data beyond what’s currently available in the free APIs. This includes tweets per request, higher rate limits, and more complex queries. The pricing for the premium APIs ranges from $149/month to $2,499/month.

Bing Announces Support for Package-Tracking Searches

Bing adds support for package-tracking searches and brings back its Black Friday flyer ads page that shows all Black Friday deals in the U.S. Better delivery tracking outside of the US

Google rolls out AdWords promotion extensions, custom intent audiences & ad variations for testing

Google made a few announcements for AdWords advertisers just in time, before Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season in the US next week.

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