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10 Made-For-Marketing Google Sheets Add-Ons

As a marketer, you probably spend so much time in Google Sheets you’ve been caught whispering it in your sleep. Don’t be embarrassed; you’re not alone! There are tons of advantages to using G-Sheets: it’s free (unless you need the business subscription, but even then, $5 isn’t bad), you can easily collaborate with teammates, and saving is automatic with accessibility from anywhere.

But perhaps the best thing about Google Sheets is that you can customize add-ons to meet your exact needs. The fact there are hundreds of add-ons, and dozens specifically for marketing shows you just how much you can personalize a Sheet. We previously covered 21 Google Sheets Add-Ons That Will Make You A Better Marketer, and below you’ll find 10 additional add-ons to try out:

More Marketing-Friendly Add-Ons to Try

1. Anyleads API

A lead generation tool that allows you to get all emails related to a domain.

With the Anyleads API add-on, you can easily and automatically find business and personal emails for sales and marketing, find employee emails by company, get all emails related to a domain in bulk, and verify the validity of a list of emails. When might this come in handy? There are many possible applications, but one of the strongest is account-based marketing, which we covered in our post on how to use social research to succeed in account-based marketing.

2. Document Studio

Use Document Studio to create sophisticated and professional-looking documents.

Branded PPC reports and other business collateral make your company look professional every step of the way. With Document Studio, you can create documents like personalized business letters, customer invoices, vendor contracts, purchase orders, and sales pitches from your G-Sheets data. You can also send the generated documents to one or more recipients in personalized emails.

Google Sheets Add-Ons


Discover, identify and research any company on the web.
Another great add-on for account-based marketing. uses advanced algorithms and machine intelligence to collect, structure, enrich and contextualize web data on demand.

So how could you use it? Discover companies based on location or category. Identify company employees for new leads. Perform automated company research based on other team’s details.

4. Form Workflow Plus

A multi-level approval workflow in Google Sheets.

This add-on takes collaboration to the next level. Each workflow owner, reviewer, or requester has access to his personalized dashboard with his ongoing requests and approvals. Owners can specify as many reviewers and approval steps as needed, and each approval step can include specific conditions. Workflow owners can check on the status of all the requests in their dashboard and send auto-reminders to reviewers.

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5. GA Bulk URL Builder

With this Add-on you can build 100s of URLs in one click!

We know a typical digital campaign requires several URLs and several UTM tags for each URL. Usually, URL-building tools only allow one URL to be created at a time. With GA Bulk URL Builder, marketers can create 100s of UTM tagged URLs in one click. What will you do with all that extra time?!

6. instagReader

The instagReader add-on helps you extract data from any Instagram account for free.

Anyone who’s worked on an Instagram campaign or set up an influencer campaign knows how time-consuming and manual research on Instagram is. This add-on does the work for you. Hallelujah! It can also extract posts within a specific period, which is super helpful for campaigns, or seasonal activations.

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7. Odge

Odge enables better decisions with fresh data: anything from finance and sports to real estate and weather.

This add-on is another layer that provides helpful context to creative and targeting. Let’s say you’re running a campaign for solar-powered heated gloves. You can set up a channel alerting you to upcoming cold weather around the nation and use Facebook targeting to hit customers with a relevant offer.

8. Remove Duplicates

Quickly find, move, delete, or highlight duplicates.

Are duplicates not just the most annoying hiccups when it comes to spreadsheets? Especially when you’re working with tabs and tabs and rows and columns of data. This add-on helps you find and delete duplicates and quickly compare data from two columns for repeated values. If you’re worried about automatically deleting important data, Remove Duplicates lets you choose how to deal with the results: highlight or remove duplicate lines, copy or move them to another Google Spreadsheet, or clear duplicate entries leaving the cells intact. Once you run the add-on, it will display a summary of the results found.

9. TowerData

Add demographics to your email list to understand who your customers are so you can personalize your marketing messages.

Every good marketer drools over the prospect of adding more demographic information to any campaign. TowerData Email Intelligence provides demographic, interest, and purchase data on 80% of email or postal addresses in batch or via a real-time API. Within minutes, you can learn who your customers are, what they're interested in, and their preferred point of contact.

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10. AdStage

Get all your paid search and social advertising data into Google Sheets.

Of course, we want to highlight this one. It’s our favorite! Don’t waste time manually exporting data from your ad networks. AdStage for Google Sheets lets you instantly add your paid performance data into G-Sheets. That includes data from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Analytics. Take it one step further with our A/B Testing template to find your best campaigns, ad group or ads. AdStage for Google Sheets starts at just $29/month! Start your free AdStage trial now!

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Seeing as how G-Sheets are as important to you as say, oxygen, you probably have a love/hate relationship with them. Hopefully, the above add-ons help those feelings skew more toward love than hate.

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