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    2017 in Review: AdStage's Top 5 Articles on LinkedIn Ads

    This article is a collection of must-read blog posts on LinkedIn Ads we posted on the AdStage blog in 2017, as measured by the number of social shares.

    You'll find tips on using LinkedIn Ads to reach and influence entire teams with account-based targeting, quick stats, how-tos and advice on writing ad copy that will land you more “whale” prospects in 2018, and much more. Happy Reading!

    1. How to Expand Your Reach and Drive More Conversions on LinkedIn

    In this post, we’ll share five must-try tactics to reach your ideal audience, increase conversion rates, and boost return on ad spend. Read this post to learn how to use LinkedIn Ads for account-based marketing strategy and optimize your LinkedIn campaigns for mobile reach.

    2. How to Set Up Linkedin Lead Gen Forms and Sync Your CRM

    This article will walk you through the process of setting up a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. Read to learn how to integrate LinkedIn Ads with your CRM for a more accurate and granular reporting from clicks to leads.

    3. LinkedIn Text Ads: 5 Brands to Copy to Boost Performance

    We’ve plowed through tons of text ads on LinkedIn and hand-picked several examples that explain the basics of writing effective LinkedIn ads for B2B. You’ll learn how to write a good ad headline, increase form field conversion rate, and choose images to support your ad on the landing page.

    4. LinkedIn Advertising Costs for 2017 [Benchmark Report]

    How much were LinkedIn advertisers paying for ads in 2017? We analyzed 4.3 billion ad impressions and found the average CPM, CPC, and CTR across different LinkedIn ad types. Read this article to benchmark your performance and get the commentary from one of the world’s biggest LinkedIn advertisers -- AJ Wilcox of B2Linked.

    5. 10 Stats You Need to Know About B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

    57% of those who visit LinkedIn do so on a mobile device. 10 pieces of content are consumed on average before a purchasing decision is made. Read this article to get quick stats that will help you plan your content strategy and accelerate growth in 2018.

    Happy holidays from the AdStage team, and we’ll see you in 2018!

    Anya Pratskevich

    A senior content marketing manager on the AdStage team, Anya manages AdStage's blog, co-hosts the PPC Show, and curates a weekly newsletter with top news in ad tech. Send her tips, pitches, and guest post ideas to anya (at) adstage (dot) io. Anya tweets, occasionally, as @pratsaa.