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Purple and MVMT Choose AdStage to Close the Loop Between Ad Campaigns and Revenue

MVMT grew revenues by 300% with AdStage’s new closed-loop reporting and automation platform for paid marketers.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 23, 2018 -- AdStage, the leading provider of closed-loop reporting and automation software for paid marketers, today announced that Purple, a direct-to-consumer mattress company, and MVMT, an e-commerce fashion brand, have selected AdStage as their marketing analytics and automation technology partner. Both Purple and MVMT are using AdStage’s new platform to measure paid marketing ROI and successfully scale advertising campaigns.

"A majority of our ad dollars run through AdStage,” said Justin Kassan, Director of Acquisition at MVMT. “When I was looking for a partner, I wanted a company that extended the capabilities of platforms, not just a duplicate. And that's exactly what AdStage provided. AdStage has been central to our acquisition strategy and from day one they have been the fuel that has spurred the growth of AdStage-linked platform revenues by almost 300%.”

AdStage also unveiled its new closed-loop reporting and automation platform for paid marketers. Originally founded as an ad management platform in 2012, AdStage grew and evolved to become the first company that allows paid marketers to ship in all of their cross-network ad data and any post-click conversion data, combine the two, and then expose the ROI data through reporting, analytics, and automation products, closing the loop between ad campaigns and the true return on ad spend.

AdStage’s latest customer, Purple, chose AdStage as their single source of truth for all paid marketing data. As the leading paid marketing solution that enables closed-loop reporting through its flexible Data API, AdStage will support Purple’s aggressive growth of market share and expansion from online, direct-to-consumer to a more flexible distribution model which now also includes 51 physical stores through a deal with mattress retail giant Mattress Firm. Recently acquired at a valuation of $1.1 billion, Purple achieved 271% YoY growth for the first 9 months of 2017 by focusing on ROI-positive digital advertising.


“At Purple, our rapid growth has all been done without outside investment. That means every dollar we spend on advertising needs to give us a positive return on ad spend,” said Bryant Garvin, Director of YouTube, Search, & Display Advertising at Purple. “Until we met with Sahil and the team at AdStage, we were manually pulling all of our numbers for each channel. It took hours each week. The flexibility and feature set of AdStage has allowed us to automate tasks that were previously done manually. They also have a well-developed pipeline of new features in the works we are excited about!”

“For today’s e-commerce brands, once you discover how to turn a dollar into 10, you can scale to being a billion-dollar business,” said Sahil Jain, AdStage’s CEO and Co-founder. “At AdStage, we recognize that marketers are increasingly held to higher standards of ad measurement. Marketers want more transparency into how clicks generate customers, and AdStage is committed to helping them connect the dots between clicks and revenue, analyze accurate, granular data, and make changes quickly at scale.”

E-commerce retailers now see digital advertising as a core revenue center. As digital spend grows, marketers will need to be able to answer the critical question: “Are my paid marketing campaigns yielding actual transactions?” With the right technology, marketers can connect their purchase data to inform their digital spend beyond just clicks. By leveraging existing partnerships with all the major ad networks and powerful integrations through its Data API, AdStage helps e-commerce and CPG brands answer this question and gain more visibility into the real impact of their advertising spend.

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