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This Week In Ad Tech Headlines Feb 12-16th [PPC Podcast]

This week on The PPC Show, Paul Wicker and JD Prater break down the top nine headlines in ad tech and digital advertising for the week of Feb 12-16th.

Tune in as they cover the latest on Chrome ad filtering, Google AMP for email, and Facebook downvote button.




Show Notes

Under The Hood: How Chrome's Ad Filtering Works

Starting this week, Google Chrome will start automatically blocking ads on sites that fail the “Better Ads Standards,” the standards defined by Google and the Coalition for Better Ads. The infographic on the official Chromium blog shows the types of ads that will be blocked.

Google Announces AMP For Email

Google announced a new way for developers to leverage the mobile-friendly AMP framework. The new AMP for Email will help email content load faster and allow developers keep it up-to-day in real time.

Facebook Is Creating A News Section In Watch To Feature Breaking News

Facebook is going to create a new news section in its video streaming platform Facebook Watch to feature breaking news stories. Through original programming, Facebook could boost ad revenue and keep people engaged on the platform for longer.

Facebook Confirms Test Of A Downvote Button For Flagging Comments

Facebook is now testing a downvote button on a limited set of public Page post comment reels. “We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“This is not a Dislike button!”

Snapchat Will Share Insight Data With Its Influencers and Creators

Snap finally launched new analytics that can be accessed by Official Story account holders and creators with large audiences. The data will include total story views, time spent viewing stories, daily reach and engagement metrics, plus additional info about the audience’s interests.

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