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Increase Performance with Native Ads on Yahoo Gemini

This is a guest post from our partner, Yahoo Gemini. To learn more about AdStage's integration with Yahoo Gemini, go to the Yahoo Gemini Ads reporting and automation page - Ed. 

Native ad formats continue to rise, with an article from Business Insider stating that native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. AdStage’s partnership with Yahoo Gemini, Oath’s leading Native and Search platform, enables advertisers to be well-positioned to take advantage of Gemini’s 1B users worldwide, including 85% mobile reach in the US.

Multi-tasking across devices has also increased dramatically for consumers - whether it’s browsing email and consuming content on their phone, or searching and shopping on their desktop. Gemini gives marketers the unique ability to reach consumers wherever they are, on whatever device, and when they are most likely to convert. Through Gemini, advertisers are able to leverage billions of data insights to create a customized segment of users based on the user’s interests, cross-device behavior, purchase habits, and purchase intent.

3 Ways Gemini Can Help Advertisers Increase Campaign Performance

1. Increase your CTR with Carousel Ads

Gemini’s Carousel Ads allow users to swipe through multiple images, with each card leading to a unique landing page if the advertiser prefers. In a recent comparison, advertisers who ran both static native ads and Carousel Ads saw 43% higher CTRs with Carousel Ads vs static native ads.

yahoo gemini native ads

2. Extend your Search initiatives with Search on Native

On average, a US consumer who searches on Yahoo may see 50 native ads in the following week across devices. Marketers can now reach those users with the help of their search query data, to target them across premium native content. Search on Native enables advertisers to combine the performance and relevance of their search initiatives with the scale and creativity of native. In a recent case study, an advertiser who supplemented their search buy with SoN saw 25% improvement in their CPA, with a 450% increase in sales.

“With Yahoo Gemini, we were able to extend the success of our search campaign to native supply, connect with these shoppers, and achieve results that exceeded our expectations.” - Rajneesh Gupta, VP of Marketing, Nextag

3. Reach your right audience, at the right time with Dynamic Product Ads

Gemini’s feed-based retargeting solution allows advertisers to personalize their ads based on a users’ unique shopping history. Following a one-time setup, our dynamic ads automatically update based on the product feed and a customer’s online habits resulting in increased scale with little effort. Coupled with Gemini’s owned and operated Yahoo and AOL supply exclusive to the Gemini platform, advertisers have seen CPAs decrease by over 22%, CPCs go down by 40%, and CTRs increase by 10% by leveraging Gemini’s effective Dynamic Product Ads solution.

With a focus on mobile, Oath is continuing to innovate with new ad formats within the Gemini platform specifically designed to enhance mobile experiences, aid in higher user engagement and increase brand love. Combined with our collection of leading, premium properties as well as our 3rd party network, Gemini helps advertisers accomplish their objectives, drive incremental reach and effectively increase performance for their marketing campaigns.

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