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White-Label Reports: 5 Ways to Improve the Client Experience

Back in 2013, Golden State Warriors’ star player Steph Curry was a part of the Nike family, not Under Armour, as he is today. So what happened? As ESPN highlighted in this story, during a meeting with Nike’s marketing team, not only did someone mispronounce Steph’s name, but a PowerPoint slide featured Kevin Durant’s name, presumably still in the deck because the pitch Steph was getting was a repurposing of what they’d already shown to Durant. *Cringe*

According to a Morgan Stanley analyst, Curry’s potential worth to Under Armour as of 2016 was $14 billion. That is one costly mistake. So if you ever have any doubt about the power and effectiveness of white-label PPC reports and presentations (and triple-checking the info they contain is correct), remember the story of how Nike lost one of the best NBA athletes in history.

white label URL for branded PPC reports -- AdStage

Though you’re probably not running reports and creating presentations for celebs like Steph, giving your clients the same amount of respect is equally important. Adstage’s Reporting feature allows you to customize reports with branded logos and share dashboards through white-label URLs. And once set up, it happens automatically every time you generate a report. Here are a few reasons you should consider using white label PPC reports with your clients:

1. White label reports make your clients feel special

It’s kind of like when you first start dating someone. You assume they’re also seeing other people, but you’d rather not know about it. Same with clients – they want to feel like you’re going steady from the moment you kick off the very first project. Generic-looking reports feel like they could be for anybody. A one size fits all solution, when they feel they’re needs are unique to anyone else’s. A branded report and custom URL gives the impression that Client A is the only one in the mix, not just one in a pool of many.

2. It fosters a closer relationship

Some companies would rather keep everything internal, but budgets or politics prevent that. Make clients feel like you’re a part of internal workings with reports that look like they came from the inside. A report that looks like it came from in-house will make clients feel like you’re on top of the day-to-day just as much as if you were sitting in the next cubicle over. If a client updates their logo, be sure to update what you have on file, too. Showing something that’s old could be as offensive as using the wrong name...

3. It helps build trust in you and the data

An unbranded report can quickly look like a copied and pasted mess, especially if you’re using a series of dashboards and throwing everything into a blank deck. Putting your client’s name on every page and sharing via a custom branded URL will give them confidence the data they’re looking at is truly theirs; not something that was accidentally carried over from a template, a la the Steph Curry story. You never want a client looking at numbers asking “Are you sure these are ours?”

4. White label reports look more impressive

In this report for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc., you can see how just the inclusion of a logo helps give the report on the right a more grounded and professional feel. Think of it as the difference between receiving a piece of junk mail addressed to “Resident” versus a handwritten letter with your name on it.

Branded PPC reports with customer or agency logos -- AdStage

Even if your agency is small, branded reports and URLs give clients the impression you’re working with a robust team. Branded reports and URLs also make it look like you spent way more time drafting the report than you probably did. Little do they know it’s an automatic piece of the pie when generating a report through AdStage.

5. It shows you’re taking the whole job seriously

From end to end, white label reports show clients you’re not only interested in delivering results, but you’re also prioritizing their best interests throughout the entire process by providing them clear, understandable reports created just for them. Even if your numbers are the best your client has ever seen, don’t think that permits you to present a haphazard report. And conversely, if the results are less than you’d hoped for, a professional-looking report shows you’re not giving up or deterred and that you’re continuing to prioritize success.

Agencies run multiple reports per day for various clients, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Adstage makes it easy to create a white label agency experience with a few simple clicks. No going to great lengths to add additional cover pages, headers, or footers to reports, or working with web dev to create specific URLs. Sign up for AdStage to get started with providing a white label reporting experience for your agency's clients.

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