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    Meet AskAdStage — the Slack app that makes it easy to share paid marketing data with your entire team

    Reporting on paid ad performance across all search and social networks is a weekly or monthly task for lead generation marketers. It would be great if this was the only time results needed to be presented, but we all know this isn’t how business works. On-demand reporting is critical to make agile decisions in today’s business environment.

    Constantly meeting one-off report requests can be time-consuming and prone to error. There is always back-and-forth communication to confirm which metrics to show and what time period to use. For quick questions, this is not an efficient process. There is also a higher likelihood for mistakes or mislabeled charts, as data moves quickly between systems and team members.

    Welcome AskAdStage, the Slack application that lets any team member instantly show paid ad performance data.

    With AskAdStage, users simply ask an ad performance question in any Slack channel and get an immediate answer in the form of a chart or list. Data is reported in real-time, and you can even take action directly from Slack.

    Share Data

    Data is shown right in the Slack channel with beautiful bar, line, or pie charts, which can also be downloaded to include in reports or email.

    AskAdstage chart in Slack

    Get Detailed

    Give all team members access to the most granular data. Charts can be created by filtering down to the network, campaign, or even ad level.

    Ad report data from AdStage

    Take Action

    Not only can you view data, you can also generate lists of low performing ads, with an option to pause directly from Slack. 

      AskAdstage List in Slack

    Get Started

    If you are already an AdStage user, you can add AskAdStage to your team’s Slack by visiting the Slack directory. See our FAQ to learn more about AskAdStage and the commands used to generate charts.

    Or join our 14-day free trial to see how AdStage and AskAdStage can help increase team collaboration on paid ad performance data by generating reports directly where your team is already working.



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    Rebecca Seligstein

    A senior product marketing manager on the AdStage team, Rebecca manages go-to-market activities, sales enablement, and marketing research. She is from Tennessee and remains a huge fan of all the local sports teams -- Go Vols! Go Titans!