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    5 Blogs to Help Improve Your Google Ads Performance

    Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) can be a tremendously useful tool when it comes to advertising and brand awareness, but it's become very competitive, and, frankly, overwhelming to analyze and be sure your Google advertising campaigns are optimized and performing their best. Here are 5 blogs that can help you boost ROAS for your Google Ads. 

    1. Quick Start Guide to Analyzing AdWords Performance
    With dozens of metrics and ways to slice and dice the marketing data, and near real-time performance results coming at you, reviewing your Google Ads Performance can be overwhelming. Here's an overview of your Google Ads dashboards to help you get familiar with the analysis that guides your optimization.

    2. 6 Advanced Techniques to Boost Your AdWords Performance
    So you're already a PPC master, but your boss wants to see some improvement from your Google Ads campaigns. Here're 6 advanced ways to boost performance that you may not have tried yet.

    3. 7 Simple Google Ads Hacks That Can Double Your ROI
    Google Ads can be expensive and ferociously competitive, and unless you’re willing to become Google Ads-certified, just using the Google Ads platform can be a little intimidating. Here're some hacks to increase your ROI.

    4. The 5 Best AdWords Automated Rules
    The ability to automatically perform routine tasks means you spend less time manually monitoring each campaign’s metrics and more time focusing on ppc strategy and optimizing growth opportunities. Here're our recommendations for must-use rules.

    5. 3 Reasons to Choose Smart Bidding Over PPC Automation to Improve ROAS
    Unlike automations, where you apply keywords bids and optimizations across all users uniformly, Google now uses data they've collected over the years to figure out how to bid for each single search query. Here's how PPC advertisers can use Google Smart Bidding to improve their campaign performance.

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