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5 Simple Steps To Fast-Track Your Facebook Ads Success

Many novice entrepreneurs launch paid advertising on Facebook, spend a lot of money on it, don't see the results, and eventually drop the idea.

Recently, they have been spending more and more money on various paid advertisements. Most of it on Facebook, so we have a lot to share.

If you're wondering how to set up an ad campaign on Facebook, you'll find all the detailed instructions in this material: how to use Facebook to promote your business to its full potential.

I want to tell you more about the cool stuff. This isn't usually the case, because these simple techniques are the only ones that bring us dozens of customers every day. Interesting? Then read and use it.

1. Don't pay for likes

When you set up a campaign, you can choose to "Promote Page" as the campaign goal: You may think that new potential customers will look at likes and think: "Wow, they are so cool and successful! You have to buy something...". But the truth is that likes don't mean much today.

Besides, today Facebook doesn't show your page in the front row, even to those who put the likes on it. So why pay for it?

You will spend money on the assessments of those people who may not even see your posts and offers afterwards. In order for potential customers to really see your post, you need to... raise individual publications! So you can pay for the content that will definitely bring you customers who will like people.

2. Targeting

You must have heard a lot about targeting. But if you're still thinking about whether to use it or not, I'l tell you one interesting thing.

Imagine that your friend came to the site where you can buy a scooter. He chose one, with specific characteristics, color. And then somehow he left the site. He is more likely to respond to the advertising of scooters on Facebook than your sister, who came to the social network to discuss manicure with her friends. Really?

When you show ads to those who are interested in buying, but still have not done it for some reason, its effectiveness will be several times higher. The good news is that setting it up is very easy.

You will be offered a small piece of code. Insert it on your site and the individual pages that have your product on them. You can insert it on one page. So targeting will become very accurate.

3. Share the links correctly.

There are two ways to share links on Facebook. You can upload the image directly to Facebook and include the link in the captions, or you can insert the link in a Facebook message and it will appear when you hover over the image along with the description of the article. The second option is called a format link.

It would seem that it does not matter which option to use. But for this social network the second option is more priority, because, as Facebook research has shown, users are more willing to click on the links that are presented in this format.

4. Briefly and on business

There aren't many people who can read long texts. Write your posts so that they can be seen at a glance. The style of Leo Tolstoy is not popular on Facebook, and longrides will not bring you success and money.

Studies show that posts with less than 50-80 characters achieve better coverage. Especially if the text is very strong and written by a professional, it will help you to write: best custom essay writing service.

Important: D't use jargon, technical terms and any expression that can only be understood by a narrow audience without much need, the text should be clear as daylight.

A person's eyes choose the most attractive content in less than three seconds. The more aesthetically pleasing, brighter and more original the images, the more visible you are to future customers. Don't save on design, the stingy ones pay twice:

  • Try to dilute text messages with beautiful pictures, screenshots, modules.
  • Use photos only in good quality.
  • Do not ignore the gifs or short videos. Any moving picture always wins the static one.

5. Study the best types of campaigns

This is one of the most important tips for Facebook Ads, so read it carefully!
Facebook gives you a wide range of campaign types to choose from. We will tell you about the two.

We guarantee that these methods cause good interaction on the part of users at minimal cost.

Traffic - also known as Website Clicks. It serves to attract users to your landing page. Tip: You can optimize the cost by paying by CPC model.

Engagement - Get more views and interaction with your post or page. Interactions can include comments, reposting, likes, reactions to events and requests.

Use the current text and images for these two types of interaction.

Even the use of video can increase the relevance of your post and interaction. In doing so, you will receive more impressions at a lower cost of CPC/CPM.

Tip: Always check the Facebook policy before launching the campaign.
Pay special attention to the advertising section.


Before you launch a campaign, think about what your target audience should do after they see your ads?

Then make this step as convenient as possible for your customers. Test the script on yourself, colleagues and friendly users who are seeing your ads for the first time.

And remember: one ad is not enough. Take an example from the dandelions and sow your seeds of large spaces. Make separate ads for each purpose. Fantasize, analyze, experiment.

AdStage Team