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5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Text For Your PPC Ad

PPC ads are an amazing tool in getting more conversions and attention. And writing it might seem easy. After all, these are short and very simple. Yet, it’s very difficult to write one that will do the job.

If you are wondering about how to write a PPC ad properly, here are some tips:

Be short and clear

“PPC ads are, by default, really short and compact. There isn’t much room there to ramble on. Yet, in so many cases, people do. They waste the space they paid a pretty penny for and then wonder why there are no conversions. Well, learn to be economic with your words,” says Randy Olsen, PPC marketer at

So, instead of using long and complex words - which people would need a thesaurus for, anyway - use simple words that speak action. Use active language and strong words that pack a punch.

This will also add to your clarity. It’s a small space and people need to understand what you are offering quickly. So, no purple prose. Only clear, relevant words and sentences.

Be direct and approachable

Directness builds on your clarity. There is no space to tell a grand story of past success and similar things so you should say what you have straight away, no hesitation. It’s an ad, after all. It’s there to sell. Say what you need to say and be done with it.

You should also strive to sound human. No one wants to hear from a sleazy marketer. So don’t sound like you are. Avoid using jargon and jargony words that would make you sound like you are trying too hard. Get to know your audience and their voice - this is the voice you should emulate.

Tools that will help you write your ad

As mentioned, this is a really small space and any mistakes in writing are highly noticeable. Definitely not what you want in your ad. It makes your audience trust you less and inherently, skip your ad. However, don’t expect them to come just based on the perfect grammar. You should invite them in with your

Here are some tools that can help you with that:

  • Via Writing and Writing Populist are grammar resources that can help you catch up with all of the grammar rules and learn which ones are fine to break for the sake of good copywriting.
  • Big Assignments and Assignment Writer are online proofreading tools that can help you check your copy for spelling mistakes. Services like Uktopwriters are using these frequently.
  • Studydemic and StateOfWriting are blogs with useful suggestions on writing which will help you perfect your copy and make it very compelling.
  • Essayroo and Boomessays are editing tools recommended in Boomessays review . They can do wonders in making your copy shorter and more compact.
  • My Writing Way and Let's Go And Learn are sites that offer writing guides and various kinds of help with your copy, style and tone.

Simple is best

When writing copy for PPC ad, you need to understand that your customers and clients might not know what you know. In fact, that’s why they are hiring you. They don’t want to know what some acronyms mean and what you are going to do. They want to hear about what they will get from that.

So, don’t describe the process or use industry words that your clients are unaware of. This won’t get them to click, and it will be even less compelling for buying. Instead of listing features of your product or service, list the results that your customers will get from it.

Be simple in your messages. We are wired to understand simplicity and that’s what people respond the best to. Make sure that you are clear and simple.

Pack it with powerful words

You have to optimize your ad as well if you want it to appear on the search engines frequently. So, the first thing you need to take care of is adding keywords into your copy. There aren’t many characters available in the PPC ad copy but it’s more than enough to put one keyword in there. This will allow you to be present and easy to find in the search engine. Users are searching for keywords, not ads so you
should make sure that your ad is optimized.

A keyword in the headline will signal the relevance of your ad and grab their attention quickly.

Next, you should make sure that the body of your copy has some sizzle words, or powerful words that help compel your readers to click. So, you grab attention with relevance to the search query and you entice action with powerful copy.

Words like new, fresh, free, results, simple, safe etc.

Finally, you need a CTA. This will have to be short and really enticing. For instance, ‘save money’, ‘find out’, ‘discover more’, ‘need help?’ etc.

Your PPC ad is your unique chance to capture attention and get more conversions. Hopefully, these tips will help you.


Grace Carter is a content manager at OX Essays and Paper Fellows websites. She manages blog submissions, reviews blog ideas and writes about current trends in education. Also, Grace helps with marketing at Dissertation Writing Service, academic portal.

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