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7 Most Interesting Facebook Ads Trends 2019

Facebook Ads are an amazing way to market your business. They are a powerful tool that, if utilized right, will help you succeed with your online marketing campaign. Here are the seven most interesting Facebook Ads trends of 2019.

1. Build Trust

Building trust with your audience has always been a good practice, but it’s becoming increasingly important since so much data is exchanged online. Be as transparent as possible with your ads in order to make your potential customers trust you. Try to be as authentic as possible in your messaging. You can do things like share social proof (like customer quotes) or case studies. The majority of your audience will be worried about you using their data, so you will need to make sure you are protecting their data. Never resell customer data without their consent. Your customers need to trust you in order to have the best buying experience possible. If you are going to retarget customers, try to provide content that is useful. For example, retarget with a useful piece of thought-leadership or how to guide if you think your prospects are not yet ready to buy.

2. Ad Costs Increase

You can expect the cost of ads in general to increase over time. This isn’t always the case, however. You can check out resources such as the AdStage Quarterly Paid Media Benchmark report to get a sense of ad costs and trends across the major ad platforms. Business owners should plan for increases in their digital marketing budget. However, there are a lot of strategies and tools to drive better ROAS (return on ad spend). By using tactics like targeting, day-parting, testing messaging, and employing a strong keyword strategy, you might even end up spending less while increasing your customer base.

3. VR and AR

VR and AR have been named the next big thing again and again, but now they are finally becoming a reality. Both of these technologies can help return trust to brands big and small. With some of the other content channels becoming saturated and outdated, virtual and augmented reality can serve as powerful tools for storytelling. They can help businesses get creative and give them new opportunities to reach more customers.

3D and 360-degree videos can also be used to make stories come to life on the small screen of your audience's mobile devices. Implementing such features into your ad campaign will help you showcase your products to your potential customers. But remember, customers want to be engaged so resist the urge to simply tell them about how great your product is. Find a problem that your product can help solve and focus on that as the center of your creative. Even small businesses can work with AR, VR, 3D, and 360-degree features as they are now a lot more affordable than they used to be.

4. Videos Aid Storytelling

Videos have always worked and still continue to do well. Their primary purpose is storytelling, but you can use this type of content for achieving other goals too. However, with a lot of companies turning to videos, the medium will eventually become saturated. But there is definitely opportunity if you get creative with your video content. Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of video:

  • New Elements: As mentioned above, implementing such elements as VR and AR into your videos can help engage customers in a new compelling way using Facebook 360. Customers can view a video in 360! 
  • Translation: Going global provides an opportunity as well as a challenge. It might be tempting to go after new markets, but in order to succeed, you have to understand customers in a new market with the same effort (if not more) as your home market. Thankfully, translating your videos is easier than ever with video translation services like The Word Point. Translated videos will help you reach more audiences from all over the world while capturing language nuances.
  • Platforms: Of course, you will need to link your videos to Facebook Ads, but there are a lot of choices on where to host the original video. If you want to keep things simple, you upload directly to Facebook or Instagram. 

5. Blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been buzzwords for quite a while now, but there's actually a lot more to them than buzz. To put it simply, blockchain technology allows businesses to have more secure transactions online by using cryptocurrencies. Blockchain will definitely transform many industries and has already left its impact in many fields. The community of dedicated fans and active users of the technology is quickly growing too. Facebook is exploring it with their Libra blockchain cryptocurrency.

Since customers want more security and businesses want to prevent fraud, blockchain is one of the best choices for both parties. The technology allows more transparency in transactions and the previous records cannot be altered once the transactions are complete making it impossible to fake them. You can integrate blockchain into your website allowing customers to pay you in cryptocurrencies and then promote this feature in your ads. It will surely attract lots of interest to your brand.

6. Voice Search

Voice search is one of those things used by millions of mobile without a second thought. Voice search continues driving engagement and sales for businesses while making things easier for consumers. Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Samsung's Bixby are all examples of the most popular so-called virtual assistants that include a voice search function.

The best thing about voice assistants is that they can be personalized and customized according to the user's preferences. This means that the users can also set up what kind of ads they want to hear and which ones they want to ignore. This feature opens up numerous opportunities and possibilities for advertisers so keep that in mind.

7. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT keeps expanding and connecting more devices. This means that marketers will have access to even more data. In fact, by 2020 there may be over a trillion gigabytes of data generated every year!

By analyzing this data, businesses will be able to better understand customer behavior including how consumers make choices, the reasons for their selection, how they research and shop for products, the effects of advertising, and so much more.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Facebook Ads are definitely a powerful tool that will help you in your digital marketing campaign. Keep the trends above in mind while planning your Facebook Ads campaign to get the most out of your ad strategy.


AdStage Team