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AdStage Announces the Launch of AdStage for Google Sheets

AdStage launches a new product that brings your cross-channel advertising data into Google Sheets, starting at only $29/month. AdStage has eliminated annual contract requirements so all products are now available month-to-month.

AdStage, a leading marketing technology company that has run over $4 billion in ad spend through its platform, announces the launch of AdStage for Google Sheets: a hyper-affordable Google Sheets Add-on that enables any marketer to get their cross-channel paid search, paid social, and web analytics data into Google Sheets with a single query. 

With millions of Google Sheets users around the world, the solution allows marketers to instantly query blended, cross-channel advertising data from within Google Sheets for advanced analysis, budget pacing, A/B Testing, and more.

Any AdStage product can be easily purchased on a month-to-month basis through a new self-service billing portal. AdStage for Google Sheets starts at just $29/month, with unlimited users, unlimited accounts, and a 14-day free trial.

"We are using AdStage for Google Sheets to combine cost and campaign performance data for the entire company to consume and work with. Without any integration work, we were able to aggregate all of our publisher accounts and blend complex cross-channel data into a single sheet," says Arndt Voges, Head of Growth at Peerspace. "Not only does AdStage's affordable solution save me valuable time, it's also magical that we don't have to introduce yet another tool to the team at Peerspace – instead the team can keep working in Google Sheets, which they know and love."


Many marketers spend countless hours using spreadsheets to manually connect data from different systems. This process is extremely time consuming, prone to error, lacks granularity, and needs constant manual updating. In addition, other tools do not blend and normalize cross-channel ad data, requiring multiple queries and manual work to get a truly integrated cross-channel paid search and paid social view of performance. With AdStage for Google Sheets, marketers can easily query their cross-channel advertising data from Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Analytics directly from within Google Sheets.

AdStage for Google Sheets joins AdStage’s suite of products built for marketers tasked with analyzing and optimizing paid media channels: AdStage Report, AdStage Automate, AdStage Data API and AdStage Join.

“Marketers of all sizes are purchasing best-in-class point solutions to solve specific problems they have at any given moment. With our new, per product, month-to-month pricing, any marketer can now buy a single product or set of AdStage products to achieve their marketing goals and not worry about under-utilizing pieces of a large, expensive platform or being unable to adapt to their ever-changing marketing stack and needs,” says Sahil Jain, CEO of AdStage.

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