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    AdStage’s Q3 Paid Media Benchmark Report

    Here it is! The holy grail report you look forward to all quarter. Is you LinkedIn CTR on track? Do you need to make some drastic changes to your Instagram creative? The answers are here. 

    For Q3, we compiled billions of impressions and millions of clicks to calculate median CPC, CPM, and CTR for Facebook ads (News Feed, the Audience Network, and FB Messenger), Google Ads (Search and Display), Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft Advertising for AdStage’s Q3 Paid Media Benchmark Report.

    Some numbers might be surprising, while others seem not to have moved at all. What's to explain the large leap in Facebook's CTR? Are you still shelling out for LinkedIn when median CPC has dropped sharply?

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    Here’s a quick peek into what we found:

    LinkedIn CTR shoots up 30%

    Key Takeaways

    • CTR increased by 30% since Q2 2019
    • CTR increased by 44.4% year over year since Q3 2018

    CPC on Facebook News Feed continues downward trend

    Key Takeaways

    • CPC decreased by 11% since Q2 2019
    • CPC decreased by 24% year over year since Q3 2018

    Key product updates

    In our free report, you’ll also find the key product updates for each major advertising network from Q3. Highlighted trends include:

    LinkedIn: LinkedIn rolled out a new page dedicated to insights and research. The comprehensive insights include markers related to audiences, industry verticals, and the LinkedIn ad landscape. If you haven’t checked it out already, the new Insights and Research page is now available as part of LinkedIn’s Success Hub for Marketers.

    Facebook: Good news for B2B marketers — Facebook rolled out automated lead generation in Messenger in Q3. Here’s how it works: After tapping on a click-to-Messenger ad, users go through an automated series of questions that can be answered with pre-filled or free form responses. To continue the process, businesses can integrate Messenger with their CRM provider to capture leads info. Pages can also manually continue the conversation through Pages Inbox, Pages Manager App, or a third-party live chat provider.

    Benchmark numbers & must-know product updates — All in our free report!

    Stop wondering how your numbers compare! Our Q3 2019 Benchmark Report reveals costs and click-through rates for each major advertising network — Facebook ads (News Feed, the Audience Network, and FB Messenger), Google Ads (Search and Display), Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Microsoft Advertising.

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