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Amazon Is Testing Video Ads in Search

This week, Amazon started showing video ads in search, Facebook asked large Pages to go through a special authorization, and Google Analytics launched cross-device reporting features in beta.

Tune in to this week's top headlines in ad tech:

 Show Notes

Amazon Is Testing Video Ads in Mobile Search Results

The ads are in a limited beta test right now, and will only be seen by people searching Amazon on iPhone and iPad.

Google Analytics Introduces Cross Device Capabilities With ‘Google Signals’

Google Analytics has started beta testing a new feature called Google Signals, which offers cross-device reporting and remarketing.

Facebook Now Requiring Pages with Large US Audiences to Go Through Additional Authorization

Facebook is implementing a new measure to secure Facebook Pages with large U.S. followings. This will make it more difficult for an account to be hijacked by a third party.

Quora Advertisers Can Now Optimize Campaigns For Conversions

Quora introduced conversion-optimized campaigns, a feature that focuses the ad delivery algorithm on optimizing for conversions rather than clicks.

Report: Amazon Internal Data Suggest ‘Voice-Commerce’ Virtually Nonexistent

Only 2% of device owners have made purchases through smart speakers this year, according to data from the Information.

As Demand For Instagram Stories Ads Heats Up, Some Early Adopters Turn To Facebook Stories

Price spikes are scaring away some advertisers from Instagram Stories and leading them to diversify to … Facebook Stories.

This App Lets Consumers Sell Their Data Directly To Brands

The app is called Killi, and it pays consumers with cash for sharing their data, location, or providing insight about what ads they’d like to see.

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