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Press Release: AdStage Announces the Launch of AdStage Join, The First Marketing Technology Solution of Its Kind to Automatically link Ad, Web, and Sales Data

AdStage Announces the Launch of AdStage Join, The First Marketing Technology Solution of Its Kind to Automatically link Ad, Web, and Sales Data

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 4, 2018 --AdStage, a leading marketing technology company with over $900MM in annual ad spend under management, announces the release of AdStage Join. AdStage Join is the first technology of its kind to automatically connect ad data from leading networks like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to data from Google Analytics and Salesforce. The solution allows marketers to instantly optimize campaigns based on actual sales, setting a new standard for the depth of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) measurement. Companies are increasing marketing and sales organizational alignment. AdStage Join provides the technology solution that enables companies to apply the actual revenue benefit of this alignment. The official launch date for AdStage Join is December 4, 2018.

3Q’s CEO, David Rodnitzky stated, “Optimizing paid marketing campaigns based on sales data was a painful challenge until AdStage Join. We can now automate the connection of ad data to Salesforce, saving us countless hours in spreadsheets, and providing us with critical information that we can put to use for our clients immediately.”

Many marketers are spending time optimizing paid campaigns on high-level top-of-the-funnel metrics when they should be optimizing on actual bottom of funnel business impact. This can be misleading since the vast majority of top-of-the-funnel interactions don’t result in paying customers. This is a tremendous amount of investment that is simply wasted. Lead generation marketers that are trying to drive quality leads that convert to pipeline and customers are spending countless hours using spreadsheets to manually connect data from different systems. Not only is this extremely time consuming, it is prone to error, lacks granularity, and needs constant manual updating. AdStage Join automates the data connectivity process empowering marketers to understand the true value of each ad based on actual sales metrics, not just curiosity.

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Mandy Fitzberger, Director of Marketing at Atypical Digital stated, “Shortening the path to bottom line impact from paid marketing efforts with AdStage Join is a huge win for our clients as well as for us as an agency.”

Used in conjunction with AdStage’s other products, the Join product aims to fundamentally change the way marketers analyze and optimize ad campaigns. AdStage has hundreds of B2B/lead generation paid marketers using its platform. With AdStage Join, all of those lead generation marketers now have an automated solution to truly close the loop on sales impact from their paid campaigns.

“If you’re spending a million dollars on paid marketing, you want to know how the money translates into sales pipeline, and ultimately, bankable business revenue,” said Sahil Jain, AdStage’s CEO and Co-founder “you simply can’t calculate that from just clicks and Impressions.”

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AdStage is a San Francisco based marketing technology company that empower marketers to optimize advertising campaigns at scale and deliver rapid business growth. AdStage’s products include powerful reporting, automation and optimization tools that connect cross-network ad performance data across paid search, paid social, web analytics, and sales conversion to gain full insight into campaign performance. AdStage is used by leading brands that focus heavily on paid marketing efforts like 3Q Digital and Atypical Digital.

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