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    A senior content marketing manager on the AdStage team, Anya manages AdStage's blog, co-hosts the PPC Show, and curates a weekly newsletter with top news in ad tech. Send her tips, pitches, and guest post ideas to anya (at) adstage (dot) io. Anya tweets, occasionally, as @pratsaa.
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    How to Generate More Agency Leads in 2018 [Report]

    Growing new business is vital for agencies looking to stay competitive and financially stable in 2018. But as the ad budgets get tighter, and the competition tougher, which new ...

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    2017 in Review: AdStage's Top 5 Articles on LinkedIn Ads

    This article is a collection of must-read blog posts on LinkedIn Ads we posted on the AdStage blog in 2017, as measured by the number of social shares.

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    2017 in Review: AdStage’s Top 5 Articles on Facebook Ads

    2017 has been a busy year for Facebook advertisers. From revamping the Ad Manager and adding Lifestyle templates to reducing audience targeting options and creating new ...

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    Ad Flighting: How to Automate Your Seasonal Advertising

    In a perfect marketer’s world, views convert into clicks, and clicks convert into purchases every time a person sees your ads.

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    How to Use Google Ads Extensions to Boost Conversion During the Holiday Season

    Amid the flurry of holiday ads, achieving a high ad rank in Google Ads almost seems like a miracle. The competition is tough! Many retailers launched their PPC campaigns very ...

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    How to Write for the AdStage Blog

    Every week, we receive emails, Intercom messages, and DMs on our personal Twitter asking to submit an article to our blog at AdStage. Many come from good writers with ...

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    44 E-Commerce KPIs and Metrics for Your Marketing Dashboard

    The National Retail Federation predicts that online is going to be the major driver of growth for retail in the next years to come. No surprises here: consumers spend more and ...

    Digital Marketing

    Why Marketers Should Care About APIs

    As advertising grows more dependent on technology, marketers will need to rethink what they once labeled as “developer things.”

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    [The PPC Show] This Week in Ad Tech Headlines for October 23-27th

    This week on the PPC Show, Paul Wicker and Mike McEuen break down the top nine headlines in ad tech and digital advertising for the week of October 23-27th. Tune in as they cover ...

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    Facebook Audience Network: How to Improve Results

    Facebook Audience Network (FAN), which reported a $1 billion run rate earlier this year, is a great option for marketers looking to scale their ad campaigns. FAN lets you run ...