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    A senior content marketing manager on the AdStage team, Anya manages AdStage's blog, co-hosts the PPC Show, and curates a weekly newsletter with top news in ad tech. Send her tips, pitches, and guest post ideas to anya (at) adstage (dot) io. Anya tweets, occasionally, as @pratsaa.
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    Digital Marketing

    The 3Cs Framework: Talking Paid Marketing with the C-Suite

    Time is a scarce resource, and especially at the C-level. A face-to-face meeting with the company’s senior executives is a rare opportunity to highlight your team’s successes ...


    An Agency Director’s Guide to Surviving the Digital Data Jungle

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    7 Major Updates for Facebook Advertisers

    What a week in ad tech! While Apple was putting on a show in Cupertino, Facebook quietly revamped its Ads Manager, rolled out several updates for advertisers, and even launched ...

    Digital Marketing

    Bidding on the competition? Here's a lesson from Equifax.

    When a credit monitoring company Equifax was hit by a cyberattack that may have affected about 143 million Americans, people flocked to Google to find out what to do. As ...

    Digital Marketing

    What PPC Marketers Need to Know about Third-Party Data

    Data. It’s the fuel of every marketing campaign. Marketers won’t stop talking about it. First-party data, second-party data, encrypted or masked data... So much data, and so ...

    Google Ads

    Quick Guide to Writing Successful Expanded Text Ads

    We all know the basics of good marketing copy: identify the problem, offer a solution, keep it brief, and the like. But for text ads -- ads that show above and below Google ...

    Digital Marketing

    5 Easy Fixes for Paid Search Campaigns

    As marketers, we like coming up with new hacks and ideas to outsmart the competition. But the truth is, we often benefit more from reducing harm than from fresh tactics. Here's ...


    How to Become a PPC Expert

    How does one become a PPC expert? You don’t need a formal degree to run ads. In fact, many of today’s brightest paid search marketers say they “just landed into it.” Some ...

    LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Text Ads: 5 Brands to Copy to Boost Performance

    As LinkedIn has grown to over half a billion users, so too has its ad platform’s capability to slice and dice audiences based on troves of self-reported user data. With plenty ...