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    Breanna has 10+ years’ experience in marketing, though the tides & trends have pushed her almost exclusively into digital. She lives in the hills above Boulder, CO and spends her downtime outside exploring with her husband, son, and pup.

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    LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Display Advertising Guide

    Display Ads are LinkedIn’s programmatic advertising solution. They’re sometimes also referred to as banner ads. LinkedIn describes the key features of Display Ads as: Reach ...

    LinkedIn Ads

    Building Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

    It seems like only recently, whatever recently might mean in a digital marketing timeline, marketers, especially B2B marketers, have started taking LinkedIn seriously as an ...

    LinkedIn Ads

    Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ad Specs & Sizes

    There are many, many ad platforms with evolving nuances that marketers have to stay on top of. Each platform requires a specific crop, character limit, and file size for ...

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    AdStage’s Paid Media Benchmark Report

    After the rush of Q4’s holiday season, Q1 is often a time of getting back “normal.” To determine what that means for marketers, we compiled 13 billion impressions and over ...

    Google Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Google Ads CPC, CPM, & CTR Benchmarks

    When you're looking for a particular something that you want to buy, do you head to Google or Amazon? According to this Wall Street Journal article, more consumers are heading ...

    Instagram Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Instagram CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks

    While Facebook continues to get tons of flack for questionable practices, Instagram has stepped in to pick up the slack. According to this Barron's article, "Instagram is ...

    Facebook Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Facebook CPC, CPM, and CTR Benchmarks

    Whether it's improper encryption of passwords, collecting emails without consent, or kicking around the idea of selling user data to third parties, Facebook continues to make ...

    Twitter Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Twitter CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks

    Digiday recently got a hold of a deck that shows how Twitter is pitching the power of advertising on its platform this year. Under the theme “When something happens in the ...

    LinkedIn Ads, Benchmark Reports

    LinkedIn CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks

    How much of your 2019 budget is allocated to LinkedIn? According to this Digiday study, marketers say they're shifting budget there away from other digital platforms like ...

    Benchmark Reports, Microsoft Advertising

    Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks

    How much of your budget goes to advertising on Bing? If you said "none," you're not alone (but potentially missing out on a valuable audience...). According to a study by ...