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    Breanna has 10+ years’ experience in marketing, though the tides & trends have pushed her almost exclusively into digital. She lives in the hills above Boulder, CO and spends her downtime outside exploring with her husband, son, and pup.

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    Digital Marketing

    E-Book: Demystifying ROI for B2B Marketers

    Measuring ROI from paid marketing for B2B is a critical problem a lot of marketers are trying to tackle. B2B marketing isn’t a simple, transactional process that’s easily ...

    Digital Marketing

    How To + Tools to Set Your PPC Campaign Budget

    When your boss asks you how much budget you need for the year, unfortunately, “All of the money” is not an appropriate answer. Or at least it won’t yield you what you want. ...

    Digital Marketing

    Emergency Guide to Fixing a Failing PPC Campaign

    How do you know a PPC campaign is tanking? It’s usually not just a gut feeling, though some of us have been doing this for so long, that could be a part of it. More likely, ...

    Digital Marketing

    The 17 PPC Stats & Trends You Need to Know

    There’s nothing like a good stat to get a marketer’s heart pounding. Whether you use them as information, inspiration, or benchmarks, it’s always good to have some ...

    Digital Marketing

    How to Decipher Clicks from Conversions

    For some of us more seasoned expert marketers, clicks and conversions might seem like Digital Marketing 101. But with the ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming state of ...

    Google Ads

    17 Links to Help Lower Your Google CPC

    It's the challenge marketers spend just about every day of their careers battling: getting the right numbers up and the right numbers down. But how far up, and how far down, ...

    Google Ads

    How to Use Google's New Responsive Display Ads Features in Your Next Campaign

    Google’s Responsive Display Ads have been available for several months now, and marketers have embraced the ad type with open arms, namely because they make creating a host ...

    LinkedIn Ads

    5 Key Posts to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Advertising Strategy

    With LinkedIn recently reaching 610 million people using its platform to network, find new jobs, and share and receive updates in their industries, we thought, what better ...

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    Your PPC Benchmark Guide for 2019 Planning

    As you're working to finalize budgets and blueprints for 2019's marketing plan, it's always good to have a reference point to work off, and for that, we look to the data. ...

    Facebook Ads

    Quick Guide to Extend Your Facebook Campaigns

      With Facebook continuing to gobble up most marketer’s budgets, huge amounts of time are spent deciphering the social media giant’s algorithms, digging for the richest ...