Breanna Lambert

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    Breanna has 10+ years’ experience in marketing, though the tides & trends have pushed her almost exclusively into digital. She lives in the hills above Boulder, CO and spends her downtime outside exploring with her husband, son, and pup.

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    Benchmark Reports, Microsoft Advertising

    Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks

    The biggest news to come out of Bing in Q2 was that its ads offerings no longer want to be referred to as Bing Ads. They're all grown up and have a lot more to offer, so ...

    Twitter Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Twitter CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks

    Are things turning around for Twitter? In Q2, the company posted earnings that beat analyst estimates and boosted share prices by 8.9%. Twitter also said revenue was up 18% ...

    Google Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Google Ads CPC, CPM, & CTR Benchmarks

    After several quarters of slowing growth, Alphabet reported strong ad revenue growth in Q2, claiming a 22% increase year over year. While many factors are likely in play, ...

    Youtube Ads, Benchmark Reports

    YouTube Benchmarks for CPC, CPM, and CTR Q1 2019 Archive

    The beginning of 2019 saw YouTube working hard to convince advertisers that it is quickly becoming a "TV killer," according to this article from Digiday. With average viewing ...

    Facebook Ads, Benchmark Reports

    Facebook CPC, CPM, and CTR Benchmarks

    Facebook is quite possibly the most complicated mystery when it comes to digital marketing. What's the algorithm favoring this week? Is my CTR anywhere near what everyone else ...

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    AdStage’s Paid Media Benchmark Report

    If you’re already familiar with our quarterly benchmarks, this one will look quite different to you. For Q2, we dug deep on Facebook’s various ad units, including News Feed, ...

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Advertising Strategies

    You’ve expertly built out your Facebook Page, you have some great audience insights for targeting, the team has put together some impressive creative ideas, but what’s the ...

    Facebook Ads

    Creating the Perfect Facebook Ad

    We’ll just tell you straight off there’s no formula for the perfect Facebook Ad. But, there’s plenty you can do to make sure your ads are quickly approved by Facebook and ...

    Facebook Ads

    Complete Guide to Facebook Analytics

    Facebook’s analytics platforms give you so much information it’s often hard to decipher what really matters. A Page Like is always a good feeling, but it turns out it doesn’t ...

    Twitter Ads

    Twitter Ads FAQ

    Even after reading through every guide and how-to available, many marketers still have specific questions about Twitter Ads. Here, we’ve rounded up the most popular Twitter ...