Breanna Lambert

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    Breanna has 10+ years’ experience in marketing, though the tides & trends have pushed her almost exclusively into digital. She lives in the hills above Boulder, CO and spends her downtime outside exploring with her husband, son, and pup.

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    Digital Marketing

    2017 Demand Gen Benchmarks To Accelerate Growth

    When laying out your marketing strategy, it often feels like you have nothing and everything to go off – historical numbers, KPIs, industry projections, social platform claims, ...

    Digital Marketing

    How to Personalize Landing Pages for Increased Conversions

    Nearly everyone’s received a piece of junk mail, or even an email addressed to “Resident” or “Customer.” That type of greeting couldn’t be more impersonal. The sender is asking ...

    Digital Marketing

    How To Extend Your Ad Copy Into Converting Landing Pages

    You and the team spent weeks, maybe even months, mapping out your current digital campaign, nailing down the strategy, refining the images and copy, and finally releasing it ...

    Microsoft Advertising

    How to Use Bing Ads to Reach New Customers

    Don't Overlook Bing Ads It’s been seven years since Windows unveiled Bing, and since then, the search engine and the teams behind it, have made strides to catch up with the ...

    Google Ads

    Gmail Ads Tactics To Improve CTR

    Any idea how much time you spend on email per day? Per week? In a lifetime? The Washington Post has a fun, or perhaps dispiriting, calculator to help you determine those ...

    Google Analytics

    REPORT: How Modern Marketers Measure Advertising Effectiveness

    That question seems to be one of the most hot-button topics in digital marketing today. Most likely because finding the answer is so challenging thanks to numerous channels, ...

    Facebook Ads

    Quick Guide to Facebook Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

    Facebook’s New LTV Lookalike Audiences One of Facebook’s most powerful offerings for marketers is Lookalike Audiences. A new roll out is taking that feature to the next level ...

    Digital Marketing

    Quick Guide to Amazon's Advertiser Audiences

    Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is intriguing news that’s been covered by just about every major media outlet, but the company quietly announced another addition to its ...

    Digital Marketing

    Data Visualization: When and How to Use Graphics for PPC Reporting

    Technology, an increasing demand to squeeze the most out of every minute, and the desire to objectively present information are driving our world to become ever more visual. ...

    Digital Marketing

    How to Use Social Research to Succeed in Account-Based Marketing

    You have your eyes set on bringing in a major account, but how do you go about getting their attention in a way that’s meaningful, effective, and tailored just for them? As a ...