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    Twitter Ads

    Make the Most of Twitter Lead Generation Cards

    About two years ago, Twitter introduced Lead Generation Cards, which allow marketers to obtain email addresses and other personal info from users who want to take advantage ...

    Digital Marketing

    Mastering Mobile App Engagement Ads

    As a mobile marketer, one of your main responsibilities is getting people to engage with your company’s mobile app. Building awareness to increase installs is important, but ...

    Facebook Ads

    4 Ways to Get Real Results From Your Facebook Ads

    Over the last few years it has become apparent that Facebook expects marketers to present users with a visually appetizing reason to engage with their company’s ad. Nowadays, ...

    Facebook Ads

    The Complete Comparison Guide for Retargeting on Facebook

    When retargeting users through Facebook Ads, you have two options: You can use either Custom Audiences, or Facebook Exchange (FBX). But which option should you pick? Overall, ...