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The PPC Show

[The PPC Show] Episode 45: Irina Skripnik, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

Are you wondering how to get started with LinkedIn's new Match Audiences? Or if LinkedIn is a good platform to reach your target audience?

Agency, The PPC Show

[The PPC Show] Episode 44: Peter Green, Senior Marketing Manager at AMN Healthcare

Are you wondering how to best manage the in-house and agency relationship? Or what an average day is like as an in-house marketer?

The PPC Show, This Week in Ad News

[The PPC Show] - This Week In Ad Tech News Special Edition

We have a special edition of The PPC Show this week. Paul Wicker is joined by JD Prater, Head of User Acquisition at AdStage, and they break down...

The PPC Show

[The PPC Show] Episode 43: Will Larcom, Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Have you wondered how to know if it's time to restructure your account? Or how to best use negative placements to exclude certain sites on...

Digital Marketing

How to Align Your Marketing Automation with Social Ads

Grabbing a prospect's attention in B2B is difficult. Email inboxes are always flooded with higher priority content, and prospects don't typically...

The PPC Show

[The PPC Show] Episode 42: Samantha Kerr, CRO Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Are you curious on what to test on our landing page? Or how to create specific tests that are custom fit for your audience?

Facebook Ads

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Messenger Ads

Here at AdStage we're really excited to experiment with Facebook Messenger ads. Chatbots have taken off big time and 2017 has been tipped to be...

LinkedIn Ads

How to Set Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Sync Your CRM

Here at AdStage, we're jumping up and down with the release of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms! We couldn't wait to get our hands dirty so we built our...

Google Ads

Experts Weigh in on Google's Exact Match Targeting Update

Last week, Google announced a new change that will affect exact match keyword targeting. In the past, exact match meant exact match. Then, in...

Google Analytics, Agency

5 of the Best Google Analytics Integrations to Improve Customer Insights

Google Analytics is the undisputed market leader when it comes to analytics insights for business. It is estimated that Google Analytics is...