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    Google Ads

    7 Important Changes to Google AdWords Reporting and Targeting in 2018

    Almost every month, Google AdWords introduces new features, and kills off features deemed irrelevant or confusing to its users. Most of these changes – save the major ones – go ...

    Facebook Ads

    ROAS vs ROI: How to Choose the Right Facebook Performance Metrics

    Over the past ten years, Facebook advertising has evolved from simple banner ads and listings to become a highly complex tool to target distinct demographics. Yet despite being ...

    Digital Marketing

    Closing the Loop on Retail Marketing ROI

    Despite glum predictions, US retailers saw steady growth in 2017 and finished with a record-breaking $598 billion holiday season, proving once and for all that retail is not ...

    Google Ads

    Google Shopping Ads: 9 Quick Tips You Need to Win

    Google Showcase Ads display results for commercial searches above AdWords ads, creating a unique opportunity to get your product into your customer’s shopping cart. Intrigued? ...

    Digital Marketing

    5 Steps to Optimize Dayparting

    Dayparting is a must for anyone running online ads, and optimizing it is an effective way to both decrease your spend and increase ROI. Below is a list of five steps that can ...