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    Google Ads

    5 Ways to Optimize AdWords Campaigns for Mobile

    Every year, groups of very smart advertisers are asked to give their prediction for the future of digital advertising. For the past 3-4 years, the answer was an overwhelming ...

    Google Ads

    Counting Down to Sales in AdWords Ads Just Got Easier

    Last week, I wrote about how to use scripts to make meaningful optimizations. One of the optimizations I listed was the sales countdown script. In September, Google announced ...

    Google Ads

    How To Optimize Your Campaigns with AdWords Scripts

    There are many techniques that marketers use to optimize their AdWords accounts. Some choose a very manual approach using AdWords Editor to make bulk changes, some use 3rd ...

    Twitter Ads

    The Do’s & Don’ts of Twitter Ads

    Let’s face it, Twitter advertising can be scary….scary enough that a lot advertisers try to avoid it all together. Well rest assured, like any beast, it can be tamed. In this ...

    Google Ads

    How to Improve Your Targeting with Google's New Custom Affinity Audiences

    Last week, Google announced that Custom Affinity Audiences is available for everyone on the Google Display Network. Google’s Custom Affinity Audiences gives advertisers more ...

    Google Ads

    AdSense For Shopping: How To Organize Your Shopping Campaigns To Compete

    Google just announced its expansion of Product Listing Ads into AdSense for shopping, allowing shopping ads to run next to content on retail sites, such as

    Google Ads

    How to Reach the Right Customers with AdWords

    New customers, past customers and your competitor's customers. Each of these customer types could be eligible to see your ads, but each of them must be handled differently in ...