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    How to Untangle Your B2B Attribution

    Whether you’re in an agency role or part of an in-house team, there will inevitably be a time when you’ll be asked: “What’s the business impact of our advertising campaigns?”

    Yahoo Gemini, AdStage Products

    AdStage Now Supports Yahoo Gemini Integration

    Under our vision to connect paid marketers to the data they need, we’re excited to announce a new data source integration: Yahoo Gemini. As a newly minted Yahoo Preferred ...

    AdStage Products

    Introducing the AdStage Google Data Studio Connector

    Digital advertisers have a data problem. They sink time into collecting, standardizing, and reporting on performance metrics across different ad networks, web analytics, and ...

    Digital Marketing

    Retargeting Ads: 7 Best Practices to Supercharge Performance

    As a marketer, it's troubling to know that only a small percentage of your total visitors will convert from online advertising – especially with tight budgets. Retargeting can ...

    Digital Marketing

    How to Build a Cross-Network Advertising Strategy

    Lead generation campaigns often require multiple touch points before a prospect converts or becomes qualified for sales outreach. Extending your ad’s message across multiple ...

    AdStage Products

    Introducing the Latest Version of AdStage Report

    We're excited to reveal Report V2—an incredibly flexible way to visualize and analyze your paid search, paid social, web analytics, and sales funnel metrics with customizable ...

    Digital Marketing

    5 Women Who Inspired Me to Be a Better PPC Marketer

    The PPC industry, later expanded to Paid Media, is less than two decades old; while one of the oldest digital mediums—the web banner ad—was launched just prior, in 1994. ...

    AdStage Products

    Introducing AskAdStage: Slack App for PPC Reporting

    With our core mission to “connect marketers to the data they need to analyze, automate, and report on their digital ad campaigns”, many of our latest products have been ...

    LinkedIn Ads

    Recruit Top Talent Using LinkedIn Ads

    A study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that adding a star scientist to a biology team, lifted the productivity of the team by 54 percent on average.

    Google Analytics

    Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Turn Luck into a Repeatable Process

    Conversion Rate Optimization Process One of my favorite aspects of running digital advertising campaigns are the virtually unlimited options of testing to increase performance. ...