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    Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads

    Rack Up Video Views Using Facebook and Twitter Ads

    As additional businesses start to dabble in social media, it’s becoming more elusive to capture audience attention. Enter the rise of native video. Video offers a highly ...

    Facebook Ads

    Optimizing Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

    After crafting your campaign, placing the conversion code and assigning a budget, it’s time to take it live. Cue the fireworks and office cake. Once the celebration subsides, ...

    Twitter Ads

    How To Use Twitter Ads for Lead Generation

    Twitter Ads can be used to produce a steady stream of new leads. Whether you're adding new prospects, warming up contacts, or driving conversions, there are several ...

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Business Manager: A Comprehensive Guide

    Facebook Business Manager Unveiled Anyone who has been part of an agency or large internal organization that managed Facebook Ads in its early years can attest to how vigilante ...

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Releases Audience Network to Everyone

    Facebook recently announced on their Business blog that its new Audience Network is now available to all advertisers. Below, I’ll answer common questions about this new ...

    Facebook Ads

    When to Use: Sponsored Posts vs. Unpublished Posts

    One of the biggest advantages of advertising on Facebook is its strong incorporation of native advertising within the Newsfeed. Native ads appear and function like organic ...

    Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads

    Promote Your App with Google, Facebook, and Twitter Ads

    The app industry continues to grow substantially, following increased usage of smartphones. Gartner reported in 2013, 102 billion apps were downloaded, equating to $26 billion ...

    Facebook Ads

    Learn About Facebook oCPM Bidding

    What is Facebook oCPM Bidding oCPM, or Optimized Cost Per Mille, is Facebook's most flexible ad bid type to date. This CPM hybrid, allows an advertiser to set max bids based on ...

    Facebook Ads

    Use Facebook Ads for Lead Nurture

    B2B Marketers often nurture a lead for several days, even months, before the prospect is properly qualified for a sales rep to reach out. Including paid media into a content ...

    Google Ads

    Enhance AdWords Results with Segments

    When a marketer logs into an AdWords account, their eyes are fixated on the converted clicks and cost/converted clicks columns. They start incessantly drilling into campaigns, ...