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Instagram Ads

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Ad Reporting in 2018

How do you measure the results of your Instagram ad campaigns?  Instagram is big and getting bigger. Recently, social media marketing master Jay...

Twitter Ads

How To Set Up Your First Twitter Video Advertising Campaign

Something extraordinary happened on Twitter recently. It wasn’t the latest Trump tweet. Or an uproar over a dress.

Google Ads

7 Simple Google Ads Hacks That Can Double Your ROI

Google Ads has become a better deal for marketers lately. Based on the AdStage data, Google Ads CPC decreased $1.27 from 2018 to 2019, while CPMs...

Google Analytics

How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

Ah, the eternal question: Is your social media marketing effective?

Digital Marketing

How to Set and Track Your Marketing Goals

“Begin with the end in mind.”

Digital Marketing

Should You Pay For Social Media?

“Should I pay for social media?”