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    2019 Trends in PPC [PODCAST]

    Welcome to this special edition of The PPC Show where JD Prater and I take a break from the regular headlines and discuss 2019 trends and predictions for PPC. Tune in to hear ...

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    So You Want to Be a Product Manager?

    I go to a fair amount of product meetups here in the San Francisco tech scene. While awkwardly mingling over a bucket of Lagunitas, I often hear the same standard questions: ...

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    LinkedIn Ad Tests: It’s Time to Actually Run One

    Does this scenario sound familiar? You read LinkedIn’s post about testing your Sponsored Content. You thought you’d give it a try and wrote a few ads which have been running ...

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    Is Net Promoter Score right for your business?

    I learned about Net Promoter Score in business school and, when I joined AdStage a few years ago as VP of Product, I thought this would be a great chance to put that skill to ...