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    AJ Wilcox Talks Targeting, ROI, and LinkedIn Ads

    Veteran online marketing guy, AJ Wilcox fell in love with LinkedIn advertising years ago and never looked back. He went on to quit his then-position at a local tech company to ...

    Digital Marketing

    What the New Snapchat API Means for Advertisers

    2016 is already shaping itself to be a big year for the mobile-only social network. Snapchat is finally throwing their hat in the ring to compete with direct response marketing ...

    The PPC Show

    Expanding Campaigns Using First Party Data

    This week's guest of honor on AdStage’s #PPCPodcast was none other than Joe Kerschbaum of 3Q. Lover of agency life, Joe also runs his own podcast and speaks at major conferences.

    Digital Marketing

    AdBlock Plus vs. The Digital Marketer

    A couple years ago, ad blockers started the ongoing war against digital advertisers. To many, applications like AdBlock Plus can be seen as a savior, rescuing helpless ...

    Instagram Ads

    5 Proven Tactics to Create Powerful Instagram Ads

    A growing and engaged platform, Instagram is a great place to stake your claim in the digital advertising sphere. There are nearly half a billion active users who could ...