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    3 Agency Tips to Wow Your Clients Before You Send Them PPC Reports

    It’s 3:15pm and you’re just wrapping up your budget optimization plan for the week. You get a ping from sales informing you of a brand new client – time to break out your ...

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    10 PPC Alerts to Boost Your Performance

    Whether you’re an agency or in-house advertiser, keeping tabs on your campaign performance across different channels is a lot of work. From spend monitoring to ad ranking, ...

    Digital Marketing

    3 Cross-Network Rules for PPC Optimization at Scale

    As anyone involved with PPC will tell you, optimization is key. But, it can be very hard when you have a ton of data to monitor and act upon each day. Keeping cost per ...

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    AdStage Pro Tips: Convert Alerts into Rules in Automate

    Turn Your Alert Into a Rule As marketers, we keep eyes on our ad accounts all the time, whether it’s checking CPA, spend, or relevance scores. Here’s where Automated Alerts ...

    AdStage Products

    AdStage Pro Tips: Quick Links

    Here at AdStage, our goal is to give marketers tools you need to streamline your advertising strategy, while saving time and boosting efficiency. We’re marketers ourselves, so ...