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    Brush Up on Your Facebook Ads Skills with These 5 Handy Blogs

    Digital advertising gets more complicated with every iteration of each platform - it feels like the Facebook Ads Manager changes weekly. Here are some great blog posts to help you brush up on your Facebook Ads skills. 

    1. Quick Guide to Analyzing Facebook Ads Performance
    Facebook Advertising reporting makes it easy to access the different levels of ad data you need to make informed decisions. In this post, you'll get an overview of Facebook Ads dashboards and reporting to help you get familiar with the analysis that guides your advertising optimization efforts.

    2. The Performance Marketer’s Guide To Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization
    This comprehensive ad budget optimization guide covers topics like: Facebook campaign budget optimization (CBO) basics, choosing an effective account structure for CBO, strategies to improve ROI with CBO.

    3. Quick Guide to Facebook Offline Conversions
    Facebook's Offline Conversions tool allows you to connect your CRM, Marketing Automation, POS, or call center system to your Facebook ad campaigns, essentially closing the loop between a digitally-captured lead and a non-digital conversion such as a sales conversation. Here's how to set it up in 10 easy steps.

    4. When and How to Use Facebook Sequential Advertising
    Studies show that view-through rates for sequenced ads were 87 percent higher than standard ads. In this post we answer questions like: When’s the best time to use sequential messaging? How do I get a campaign going on Facebook? How do I tailor my ads to this new medium? 

    5. Learn About Facebook oCPM Bidding
    oCPM, or Optimized Cost Per Mille is a CPM hybrid allowing advertisers to set max bids based on their desired campaign outcomes. This post covers Facebook's bid types and explains how to set up oCPM bidding.

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