Google Announces New AdWords Ad Types & Management Tools

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Google Announces New AdWords Ad Types & Management Tools

Today at the AdWords Performance Forum, Jerry Dischler, the VP of Product Management for AdWords at Google, presented a slew of new AdWords features that are scheduled to roll out over the next few months including new mobile app ad types, improved tracking, and a suite of new tools to manage and optimize campaigns. Here’s a roundup:

Mobile App Ads

Perhaps playing catchup with Facebook’s successful mobile app ads, Google is beefing up their own mobile app ads to help developers promote discovery of and re-engagement with their apps across Google search, the Google Display Network, and YouTube.

adwords mobile app install ads

Driving Installs

To address the fact that 60% of apps are never installed (according to Google), AdWords advertisers can now use AdMob for advanced targeting of people who are most likely to be customers by looking at which apps they use, how frequently they use apps, and what types of in-app purchases they make.

adwords youtube mobile app install ads

AdWords is also adding a TrueView companion ad type for promoting app installs with YouTube preroll ads.

Driving Engagement

adwords mobile app engagement ads hulu

And to address the fact that 80% of apps are only used once (according to Digital Trends), AdWords is also introducing re-engagement ads for search and display. These ads are incredibly useful for driving increased engagement from users that already have your app installed by deep linking them into different sections of your app.

adwords mobile app engagment adHotelTonight, the poster child of Facebook’s re-engagement ads, is used as the example here. Users with the HotelTonight app installed can now see AdWords ads that encourage them to open up the app to book a room, rather than be told to install it.

Estimated Total Conversions


While there weren’t any new feature announcements for Estimated Total Conversions, Google’s cross-device conversion tracking tool, Google did report positive results from initial tests and confirmed it will continue to invest in the product.

Estimated Total Conversions promise to more accurately attribute conversions across devices, which have been historically underreported. Google reported a 7% increase in cross-device conversions and a 32% increase in conversions initiated via mobile and completed on another device.

New Enterprise-class Tools

The most exciting announcements were of new “enterprise-class tools” designed to help advertisers manage their campaigns.

Bulk Actions

adwords bulk actions

Google’s making bulk cross-campaign changes easier by including more bulk actions. The full details are still a bit fuzzy, but if you’ve ever had to make sweeping changes across your campaign to reflect a new promotion or change in messaging, you’ll be glad to know it will be easier to do this in the online interface than ever before.

Automated Bidding

Automated bidding is growing beyond conversion optimizer and budget optimizer to include the ability maximize the number of conversions, or the total value of conversions.

adwords automated bidding

Max Conversions – You can set you campaigns to use automated bidding that maximizes conversions (e.g., a car company can automate bids to drive as many users as possible to the build-a-car page on their website.)

Max Revenue – You can set you campaigns to use automated bidding that maximizes revenue (e.g., an e-commerce website can automate bids to generate more high-value orders on their website.)

Enhanced Reporting


This was my favorite part of the announcement. Director of Product Management for the AdWords front end (and my former manager), Paul Feng, showed a video of some of the steps we have to go through to prepare an AdWords csv for analysis in Excel:

  • Create the report in AdWords.
  • Download the csv.
  • Strip the header.
  • Create a pivot table.
  • Format the pivot table.
  • Manipulate the data.
  • Then, re-download the report with data from different entities and repeat…

building an adwords enhanced reports

Enhanced Reporting replaces the offline pivot table process, with a multi-dimensional data tool. These drag and drop reports use live data, so you can change the metric (campaign, ad group, etc.) easily and get real-time results.

adwords enhanced reports

This reminds me a lot of custom reports in Google Analytics, but with live previews– which is a huge compliment.


In addition to tables, Enhanced Reporting includes line graphs, pie charts, and bar charts to visualize the data.

While this is a respectable attempt to kill the pivot table, advertisers will still need to merge their reports across other channels like Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads with Excel or use a third party tool like AdStage to automatically create cross-channel reports. Learn about AdStage reporting here.

Drafts & Experiments

The last feature Google revealed was Drafts & Experiments which seems to be a much-needed overhaul of AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE).

building an adwords draft

Now if you have a hypothesis to test, you can add your changes to a draft mode for review (what the AdWords product management team thinks of as a “shopping cart” of sorts). Once you’re happy with the proposed changes, you can run it as an experiment with a percentage of your audience.

adwords draft campaign results

As the data comes in, you can see the change in performance for the two variations side-by-side. If they changes are beneficial, you can apply your changes. If not, you can reject your hypothesis and revert your changes easily!

What do you think of these announcements? Is there a particular feature you’re excited about?

What’s New with AdStage: Invites, Speed, Team & More…

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What’s New with AdStage: Invites, Speed, Team & More…

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AdStage Has Been Patched For Heartbleed

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AdStage Has Been Patched For Heartbleed

Many sites were affected; we recommend changing your passwords.

As you may have heard, a serious security vulnerability affecting the majority of web services known as ‘Heartbleed‘ was disclosed to the world on April 7. In response to this, our engineering team has released a series of patches to ensure all possible security holes in our system are closed. AdStage is no longer vulnerable, but we suggest that you change your password both on AdStage, and elsewhere, as many sites were affected.

To change your password visit:
For more information on the vulnerability visit:

What’s New with AdStage: New funding, apps, invites & more…

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What’s New with AdStage: New funding, apps, invites & more…

We’ve had a lot of big news in the past few weeks so here’s a quick status update: 

  • In the first 4 weeks of invites, we imported over 8,600 active campaigns.
  • We’ve raised another $1 million to grow the team and invest in the platform.
  • We’ve announced an API to integrate great 3rd-party apps into AdStage.
  • We’ve integrated four new apps, including our top-requested Ad Scrambler which you can see in action here.

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses still waiting for your invite to AdStage, rest assured that getting you invited is our top priority. We’re working hard to scale up our systems to invite you as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks for being part of our beta!

Sam Mazaheri
Director of Marketing & Product

New apps available in AdStage

adstage ad scrambler appThe Ad Scrambler app is the easiest way to generate dozens of ad copy variations quickly (see video). Simply provide multiple headlines and descriptions, along with any other aspect of the ad, and the ad scrambler will mix and match them to generate multiple ad variations for your campaign. Populating campaigns with top-performing creatives has never been easier. Try it now.


Unbounce adstage appThe Unbounce app is a powerful drag & drop landing page builder that lets you create pages without any help from a technical team. Simply put your ideas into a new landing page variation, click “publish” and your test is live and collecting real-time data. Get 50% off Unbounce for 3 months following your free trial. Try it now.


wordtracker adstage appThe Wordtracker app let’s you discover hundreds of relevant keywords for your search campaigns and see how well they will perform with estimates provided by Wordtracker. The Keywords Tool can also help you discover interests and categories to target on Facebook as well as groups to target on LinkedIn. Try it now.


optimizely adstage appThe Optimizely app is a website optimization solution that will let you make dynamic changes to your site, test variations with live traffic, gather immediate results and start achieving goals. After inserting a single line of code into your HTML, you have instant testing capability, and any variation you create can be live to your visitors within minutes. Try it now.

AdStage is Returning to the LAUNCH Festival

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AdStage is Returning to the LAUNCH Festival

Next week, AdStage is returning to the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco… and this event has a special place in our hearts. This is the same event we presented at last year where we launched out of stealth mode and were selected as the winner of “Best Business!”

Check out a video of last year’s presentation here:


We’ll be presenting on the Startup Stage on Monday, February 24th at 10AM with many other great startups. Check out the full list here.

Hope to see you there! We’ll have some big news…

Presenting the Bold New AdStage

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Presenting the Bold New AdStage

Earlier this week, the AdStage team traveled to New York for Advertising Week 2013 and, on Tuesday, we revealed the all-new AdStage platform on the Huffington Post stage. We’re extremely proud of this new platform and it incorporates all of your feedback from our first app, AdStage Express.

With the new AdStage platform, you can:

  • Import your existing campaigns for full management and analytics.
  • Create, manage and optimize campaigns across Google, Facebook, Bing & LinkedIn.
  • Build over 30 different ad types across search, social, mobile & display.
  • Generate reports for any network from a single hub.
  • Access the full platform on computers, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Customize and expand the platform with integrated apps, including apps from partners like Unbounce, Bigstock, ReTargeter, Canned Banners, MixRank, Thinkstock by Getty Images and more.

For more information on the new AdStage, take our feature tour and join our waiting list. We’ll begin inviting customers to the new platform in a few weeks with a 30-day free trial and special beta pricing.

Join the Waiting List

Read the press articles written about the new AdStage platform on TechCrunchMarketingLand & ClickZ.

Current AdStage Express users: you can continue to access your account at


AdStage Awarded VC’s Choice Award at SF Pitch ’13

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AdStage Awarded VC’s Choice Award at SF Pitch ’13

San Francisco Pitch 2013Pitch 2013 took place yesterday at AT&T Park, home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants, in the Virgin America Club Level concourse complete with concessions and bars, arcades and tours of the ballpark. The event brought together 85 startups, dozens of investors and thousands of entrepreneurs to network and check out the latest tech.

And while our devoted engineering team was back at the office, heads down, working on the future of AdStage, Sahil & I had the privilege of attending to demo AdStage Express to the many attendees. It was especially exciting for us as AdStage was awarded VC’s Choice! We’re humbled and extremely grateful to have been selected from among the many impressive companies.

On behalf of our entire team, I sincerely thank the venture capital judges that appreciated our vision for easy online advertising! We had a great time speaking with everyone, hearing about their businesses and filling them in on the AdStage vision. It was an awesome event! Thanks to Duane Nason, the sponsors and the team for putting it together.

Access Google AdWords On Your iPad with AdStage

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Access Google AdWords On Your iPad with AdStage

SEM managers have long desired a way to access AdWords on the go, but the current mobile interface, introduced in 2010, is too limited for today’s devices and the full site is severely buggy when accessed with Safari.

That’s why AdStage is offering the world’s first full-featured Google AdWords reporting app (designed from the ground up for the iPad) completely free. We acquired the app, originally called “Semply,” to push our mission to make advertising more accessible to businesses forward.

The app has been wildly successful, but have you downloaded it yet? In a little over a month after its launch, Semply reported over $110 Million in indexed ad spend and it’s currently used by over 1,500 advertisers to analyze AdWords campaigns on the go. Semply has been rebranded as “AdStage -Your Analytics Dashboard for Google AdWords” and is available in the App store.

The app is currently used by over 1,500 advertisers to analyze AdWords campaigns on the go.

google adwords on the ipad with adstageFeatures

  • Play with your data
    Looking to minimize CPCs? Increase conversion rates? Use our beautiful, interactive charts and grids to help visualize how your efforts have impacted key metrics over time.
  • Quickly check the latest stats
    View ALL important performance indicators- clicks, conversions, click-through rates, costs/conversion, etc- across your accounts, campaigns, and ad groups with the tap of your finger.
  • Optimize keywords
    With full keyword and search query data, discover which keywords are making you money, and which are bringing you irrelevant traffic.
  • Improve ad creatives
    Identify the ads that are improving your click-through-rates and see how different landing pages impact your conversions.
  • Filter by geographic location
    Is your geographic targeting too broad? Are their certain regions that are converting better than others? Find out with our geographic reports.

Available on the App Store

Download it now while the app is completely free! We’ve got some big plans for its next update– Stay tuned.

AdStage Express Product Update – Review the New Features

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in PPC News
AdStage Express Product Update – Review the New Features

It just keeps getting better! Check out the new and improved features we’ve recently added to AdStage Express.

Search Query Reports in AdStageSearch Query Reports

Now you can see which search queries are triggering your ads. Find opportunities for new keywords and new negative keywords to add to your campaign to save money and reach quality customers efficiently.

AdStage Bulk ActionsBulk Actions

AdStage Express now supports bulk keyword actions so you can modify your bids, statuses, and match types at scale. Bulk actions are also available in the new search query reports.

AdStage Demo DashboardDemo Dashboard

Preview AdStage Express campaign dashboards from the moment you create your account. See how it presents your performance data across Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn before you spend a dime.

Explore AdStage Express

Campaign Digest Emails

We’ve created weekly digest emails with performance summaries and actionable recommendations. Review these emails to monitor and optimize your campaigns quickly and consistently.

Enhanced Campaign Support

Google campaigns created in AdStage Express are now enhanced from the start to provide simple device-specific bidding and targeting.

Targeting Improvements

We’ve made a number of targeting tweaks to help you leverage each network’s strengths when creating a cross-network campaign. We’ve also included support for Facebook’s advanced connection targeting and custom audiences.

Product Walk-Through

We’ve implemented a product walk-through to explain each section of AdStage Express. It’s informative and helpful for new advertisers, but also skippable for when you want to get started immediately.

Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Lastly, you’ll notice loads of improvements throughout the platform including squashed bugs and faster site performance.

Up Next From AdStage

Here’s a preview of some of the new features we have lined up for release in the weeks to come.

  • Improved and expanded campaign optimization recommendations
  • Ability to create new Custom & Lookalike Audiences for Facebook
  • An image library for easy access to all of your previously used images
  • Improved keyword suggestions for search campaigns

And, best of all, AdStage Express is still completely free while in private beta!

Explore AdStage Express

Bing Search Share at All-Time High

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comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report

ComScore today released its monthly comScore qSearch report of the US search landscape for April. Naturally, Google led the market in April, but its market share slipped 0.6 points to 66.5%. Bing improved 0.4 points to 17.3% market share and Yahoo! improved 0.2 points to 12.0%. This is a record high for Bing and, given that Yahoo! search is powered by Bing, nearly a third of searches in April were powered by Bing!

It’s more important than ever to include the Yahoo! Bing network in your PPC efforts.

It’s more important than ever to include the Yahoo! Bing Network in your PPC efforts to capture new customers where they search. In fact, nearly 50 million unique searchers in the US  can only be reached through ads on Yahoo! Bing Network and not through Google search. If you’re having a tough time launching optimized search campaigns on multiple ad networks, use AdStage Express to simultaneously build, deploy, and manage online ad campaigns across Google (including Ask & AOL), Bing (including Yahoo!), Facebook, and LinkedIn!

Sign Up For AdStage Beta