What’s New in AdStage: January

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What’s New in AdStage: January

The holidays can be a hectic time of year. Companies tend to slow down close to the holidays, trading in meetings and spreadsheets for secret santa meetups and eggnog, but not here at AdStage.

Even with holiday spirit in full swing, we still managed to ship features that will help you increase ad performance, better utilize campaign budgets, and make sweeping optimizations easily.

We’re ringing in the new year in a big way. Read on to learn about what’s new; including Ad Rotation Alpha, Twitter “Unpromote”, two metric comparison line graph and bar chart, custom metrics, and Facebook custom conversions.


Fight Ad Fatigue with Rotations [Alpha]!

We’re very excited to announce the newest Automate feature, Rotations [Alpha]! This is the first of three features that we will be bundled in the Ad Testing Suite: Rotations, Ad Testing (multivariate testing), and Flighting.

Use Rotations to schedule when to show sets of campaigns, ad sets / ad groups, or ads based on a time duration or performance metric. Once your sequence completes or starts a “rotation”, you’ll get an email notification sent straight to your inbox.

For example, cycle through new groups of Facebook ad creative every two weeks to alleviate your target audience from seeing too many impressions of the same ad creative.

What's New in AdStage January Automate Ad Rotations via blog.adstage.io

What's New in AdStage January Automate Ad Rotations via blog.adstage.io

Schedule Your Campaigns to Show During the Times Your Want

Now you can easily choose ‘Weekdays Only (Mon – Fri)’, ‘Weekends Only (Sat – Sun)’, or Everyday when creating a schedule for campaigns and ad creative. Or quickly set up day parting by hour, so you only show campaigns during peak performance hours during a given day.

What's New in AdStage January Schedule Your Campaigns via blog.adstage.io

“Unpromote” or Pause Twitter Ads

Many AdStage customers today rely on Automate Rules to automatically pause underperforming ad creative across their search and social campaigns.

Twitter Ads are unique because unlike other social ad networks, like LinkedIn or Facebook, advertisers can’t pause a sponsored tweet or card, instead they can “unpromote” Twitter ads within their campaign or ad set.

To better accommodate our Twitter advertisers, we now offer a way to pause or “unpromote” poor performing ads based on the metrics you care about.

How to “unpromote” your Twitter ads:

  1. Select the Ad Level
  2. Select Twitter Network
  3. Set your IF condition.
    • This is where you select the performance threshold that will pause your Twitter ads.
  4. Select ‘Unpromote’ as your THEN condition

What's New in AdStage January Automate Twitter Unpromote via blog.adstage.io

Note: After a Promoted Tweet is paused, all account data is stored in AdStage including: ad, ad group, and campaign. On the Twitter ad network side, you shouldn’t see any Tweet/Ad level metrics.

Quickly Tidy Up Your Account with More Historical Performance Data

Automate Bulk Actions was specifically designed to help you quickly optimize or update campaigns, ad groups / ad sets, keywords, or ad creative all at once.

Some of our most active customers have requested the ability to quickly apply more flexible date range options to analyze and optimize their account, campaigns, and ads automatically.

You asked, we listened!

Now from the IF condition date selector in any of the Automate Task Types, you can choose from 6 additional lookback windows.

What's New in AdStage January More Historical Performance Data via blog.adstage.io


Optimize to What Matters with Custom Conversion Data

Create a unified Report you can easily share, markup, annotate, and customize with the conversion data you’re already collecting in other marketing tools. Get a full view of the ads driving the most value, down to actual revenue and return on ad spend.

Now you can easily track and report on the number of custom conversions that resulted from a particular campaign, ad group/ad set, or ad within the same widget.

Use the AdStage Universal Data API to upload data from your CRM, Marketing Automation systems, apps, BI tools, and billing systems.

What's New in AdStage January Report Custom Metrics via blog.adstage.io

For example, an ecommerce site may want to track which ads lead to the highest spend in online orders for the least amount of dollars put in. By tracking return on ad spend (ROAS) as a conversion event or action, this customer may discover that ad copy with ‘Free Shipping’ result in the most conversions.

We are currently developing an easier way to upload your CRM and offline conversion information using a .CSV file.

Compare Two Metrics to Zero-In on Performance Trends

When reporting on a lot of key metrics, it’s meaningful and useful to see metrics plotted over time and compare performance trends.

Perfect your reporting views by comparing the performance trends of two metrics on any line graph table.  For example, if you wanted to gauge a campaign’s effectiveness, you can choose to view number of impressions compared to the number of clicks for that given time period.

How to generate a metric comparison view:

  1. Select line graph widget
  2. Click the metric drop-down menus above the chart
  3. Choose the two metrics you want to compare
What's New in AdStage January Report Two Metric Comparison via blog.adstage.io

On your line/bar graph: the first metric in the ‘Field’ field = Y1  & the second metric = Y2


Facebook Custom Conversions Now Supported

Facebook-heavy marketers can view the number of conversions that result from an account, campaign, ad set, or ad and compare performance alongside other metrics.

Generate tables, bar charts, summaries, line charts, pie charts, and progress widgets to get a more granular performance report using Facebook Custom Conversions.

Adding your existing Facebook custom conversion is as simple as a selecting the desired metric within ‘Field’ while editing or creating your widget.

Have any questions or feedback about any of these features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line in the comment section below or email us at support@adstage.io.

AdStage via blog.adstage.io

P.S. Want to check out the full product release?

Visit our release notes portal, where we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the AdStage labs!

What’s New with AdStage: November

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What’s New with AdStage: November

November was an exciting month for AdStage. We released an easier way to assign campaigns in Automate, a new KPI progress widget, drag-and-drop widget support, and global date ranges for Report.

Let’s take a look at the new releases below👇.


New IF Condition: Campaign Name

Easily build an Alert or Rule for the campaigns you care about using Campaign Name contains function.

Select Campaign Name in the IF Condition to make more changes across accounts at scale by quickly including/excluding campaigns. 

Let’s say I want to increase bids for all campaigns containing the campaign name Turkey Day Promotion to boost audience reach for the last 3 days leading up to Thanksgiving day. 

New IF Condition AdStage Automate Product Update via blog.adstage.io


Track KPI Performance Lift

New Progress Widget

Track specific performance goals or KPIs across accounts for a selected time period. Use the new Progress Widget to get a quick view of how certain campaign/account KPIs are performing at any given period.

Let’s say your target budget for the month is $10,000 across your selected campaigns.

The Progress Widget will show how much of your monthly budget you’ve spent, compared to your total target budget. You can see by the 15th, you’ve spent 69.49% of the total monthly budget.

AdStage Report Progress Widget Product Update via blog.adstage.io

From these insights, you might then decide to perform an account audit to see which campaigns you should pause or adjust budgets for.

Your Dashboard Just Got A Whole Lot Faster

Easily Resize Widgets

We wanted to give our customers more control over customizing their PPC reports. Prior to this release, widgets were only available in full-width.

Now you can customize your reports to show performance trends in the same view. With resizable widgets, you can easily resize widgets to ⅓ , ½, ⅔, or full width.

What's New AdStage Report Product Update

Quickly Move Widgets Around

Drag-and-Drop makes rearranging widgets as easy as possible. Simply drag the widget to move widgets around the dashboard quickly.

Drag and Drop PPC Report Widgets via blog.adstage.io

Make Sweeping Date Changes Across Your Dashboards

Edit Date Ranges at the Dashboard Level

Before introducing Dashboard Level Date Ranges, we noticed many of our customers had to painfully edit each widget’s date range within their dashboard to view performance data.

With the ability to edit date ranges at the dashboard level, all your widgets will update with data from the newly selected date range.

Quickly Move Widgets Around Drag-and-Drop AdStage Report Product Update via blog.adstage.io

Coming Soon!

New Report Features

Use Custom Data to Analyze Full-Funnel PPC Performance

Create a unified Report you can easily share, markup, annotate, and customize with the conversion data you’re already collecting in other marketing tools.

Get a full view of which ads are the most valuable and move the needle for your most important business metrics.

Native Facebook Widget

Soon all AdStage Report customers will be able to generate tables, summary, and chart widgets using Facebook data including Demographic, Geographic, Placement, and Page insights.

We always love hearing from our readers😍!

Let us know what you think about the product updates in the comments below.

AdStage Report PPC Reporting via blog.adstage.io

P.S. Want to check out the full product release?

Visit our new release notes portal, where we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the AdStage labs!

What’s New with AdStage in October

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What’s New with AdStage in October

September was a big month in AdStage and we’re excited to share all the network specific releases that will help you get the most out of your paid advertising efforts. After collaborating with our customers and network partners, we’ve added a wealth of newly supported features and data types.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

We’re honored to team up with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to pilot the highly anticipated Conversion Tracking for Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns. Followed by a wave of excitement from B2B marketers, Conversion Tracking is available to all LinkedIn advertisers. Read the official release notes here.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking allows advertisers to understand which audience, message, and landing page are driving the best return on ad spend for a desired outcome (such as a form fill).

Our product team elicited the help of some of our most active customers to pilot the support of LinkedIn Conversion Tracking within AdStage. We’re excited to reveal that AdStage users can both create, and import existing conversion tracking within the platform.

Want to learn more about this offering? Check out our comprehensive guide, “Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Conversion Tracking”.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking in AdStage

Facebook Relevance Score

For years search advertisers relied on insights from Google AdWords and Bing Ads Quality Score to identify ad and keyword relevance and popularity for a specific target audience. For social advertisers, how Facebook served their creative was often a black box. With the release of ad relevance score, advertisers can now glean valuable information on how Facebook distributes and calculates the cost of their creative.

What is Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score?

“Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback an expected ad will receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions the an ad is expected to receive, the higher the ad’s relevance score will be. The more times an ad is expected to be hid or reported, the lower its score will be.

Ads receive a relevance score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest. The score is updated as people interact and provide feedback on the ad.”

(source: Facebook for Business blog)

The product team is thrilled to announce relevance score is available across all three of our major product lines: management, automation, and reporting. Your ad relevance score is updated with every new account import and accessible in several views across the platform suite.


Add Relevance Score to any Facebook ad table view by selecting the “Latest Relevance Score” metric from the Select Columns drop down.

Facebook Relevance Score Support in AdStage


Create new email alerts or optimization rules based on relevance score triggers easily. Simply select “Latest Relevance Score” as an available metric in the conditions section and set your threshold.

Facebook Relevance Score in AdStage Automate


Add Relevance Score as an available selected metric for any ad table reporting view. Perfect your table by using the easy drag and drop column ordering option. Finally, save it as a template for one-click future access, or schedule it as a recurring report sent to your email.

FB Relevance Score support in AdStage Report

Google Enhanced Ads Support

Google AdWords expanded the text character limits for search ads from the 25-35-35 format to a 30-30-80 format. The updated limits allow for a lot more legroom for copy, and showcased in a different format. Learn all about this update in our comprehensive post, “Everything You Need to Know About Google Enhanced Ads

AdStage users can now fully create and import any of campaigns with Enhanced Text Ads.

Google Enhanced Text Ads support in AdStage

Deep Campaign Linking in Automate

Sometimes it’s the little refinements that enhance the whole product experience. We love when our customers help us build better products (thank you to all the customers for your feedback, we built this just for you!).  Now users can easily jump right into campaign management from the Automate summary tables.

Example Use Case:

Want to understand the impact of an automated optimization rule on an individual campaign? Simply click on the campaign name in the log and an adjacent tab will take you right to that campaign view you care about in ad management.

AdStage Automate Deep Linking

New to AdStage?

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What’s New With AdStage in August

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What’s New With AdStage in August

July and August have been a busy couple of months here at AdStage. The product and engineering teams have been hard at work to bring you a blistering series of new products and features to make campaign management easier and faster. Today, we’re excited to reveal the latest additions to the AdStage product suite!

Release of AdStage Report [Beta]

Born from a wave of user feedback, we released a beta version of our new reporting product that brings all your cross-channel data into a single report view. The new report builder allows you to generate, customize, and export your data with flexible options to reveal opportunities across your search and social ad networks. 

This new product line offers a great set of core features:

Cross-Channel Integration

Report across your AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn ad accounts. Add 3rd party integrations, like Google Analytics (more coming soon!).

Easy Cross-Channel Integration

Customizable Dashboards and Metrics

Generate the perfect report with drop-in tables, graphs, text or images widgets. Fine-tune your performance views with filters, date comparisons, and custom metric options, so you can quickly learn what’s working.

Advanced PPC Reporting with Customizable Widgets

Web Links and Report Scheduling

Design beautiful, branded PDF reports for clients or executives. Perfect your template, then schedule it as a recurring report through email. Or, send it as a live, interactive web link.

Scheduled and Interactive Web Reports

Account-Level Alerts & Automation

The AdStage Automate product was initially designed to provide the ability to automate the most granular aspects of manual ppc campaign tasks from campaign to ad group/ad set, and even down to the ad creative level. After extensive user feedback, it was clear there was a strong need for account-wide performance alerts and optimization rules. 

Account-Level Alerts

Monitor global KPIs such as spend, CTR, and CPAs with Account-Level Alerts. Receive an email when any of your alerts are triggered.

Account-Level Automated Alerts

Account-Level Rules

Build your own performance algorithms with account-wide automation rules. Change statuses, budgets, and/or bids based on the specific performance KPIs you choose.

Account-Level PPC Automation

[Coming Soon]

Here’s what’s cooking in AdStage labs.

Facebook Ads Relevancy Score Support

Import your historic Facebook Ads Relevancy Score and compare it to cost-per-result and click through rate trends using AdStage Report. Trigger automated rules and alerts based on increases or decreases of your score over time.

Ad Rotation

Rotate sets of ad creative based on performance or time decay. Queue up your creative, then assign them rotation rules in AdStage Automate.

New to AdStage?

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Generate Better PPC Reports in a Fraction of the Time

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Generate Better PPC Reports in a Fraction of the Time

AdStage Extends Product Suite From Automate to Report with Consolidated Cross-Channel Reporting

AdStage launches its new product called Report, which lets advertisers and agencies create custom visual reports in multiple formats such as PDF, CSV, and web using data from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and more.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 26, 2016 — Today, AdStage launches a new product called Report. The former lightweight Report Center that offered offline reporting has been completely rebuilt. It now includes cross-channel reports, dynamic dashboards, report scheduling, whitelabeling, and data visualizations around performance for both micro and macro-level reporting. Report connects marketers to their essential data and metrics from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and more, in an efficient, scalable and sharable way.

One View to Check Campaign Health Across All Your Channels


AdStage Report Cross-Channel Bar Graph via blog.adstage.ioView and report on all your channel data in one view! Report will save countless hours you previously spent doing manual excel leg-work. Create and save new data views as templates in seconds.

The cross-channel dashboards in AdStage Report offer customizable widgets for advertisers to select not only the data set they wish to report on, but also the visual components of the dashboard, such as tables, metrics, graphs, and charts. Each cross-channel dashboard within Report can be created into multiple formats, such as PDF, csv, and a web link for external stakeholders to review.

Easily Customize Dashboards and Widgets 


Customizable Dashboards & Web Reports via blog.adstage.io

Create unique dashboards within Report to better visualize what is going on in your campaigns.

With no limit on the number of dashboards, this product is incredibly powerful for digital agencies with multiple clients. Agencies that had early access to the product have already found value in the ability to create custom dashboards for client-facing reports.

“As an agency, we work with a variety of different clients. Each client has their own KPIs and needs. As requests for specific date ranges or granular reporting arise, the ability to create custom and saved dashboards in AdStage Report has been a blessing. We can easily find, add, or edit the data set we need without having to separately log in to the native networks or run a new report every time we need an updated set of data.” — AJ Wilcox, Owner and CEO at B2Linked.

Schedule PPC Reports When You Need Them


AdStage Report Schedule Your Reports via blog.adstage.ioIn Report, advertisers can generate customized reporting schedules and stay on top of their ad campaign maintenance. Once you perfect your ad template, schedule it as a recurring report through email. Add team members and clients easily to send reports daily, weekly, or monthly directly to their inbox.

When comparing AdStage Report to native network reporting and other solutions that only offer csv reports, advertisers reveal a significant time savings on cross-channel reporting.

“It’s a great way to create custom reports and get a quick view on exactly the data that our team needs. It’s giving us more functionality than the native tools inside the same platform we use for campaign management so it’s a huge time saver.” — Lennie Sliwinski, Director of User Acquisition at Hired.

Personalize Your Agency and Client Reports with Whitelabel Support


AdStage Report Whitelabel Support via blog.adstage.io


Design beautifully branded pdf reports for clients or executives. Simply add your logo, commentary, markup fees, and much more. With AdStage Report you can make comments directly on the report; now you can provide clients with more clarity and context around campaign spend and performance.

Get AdStage Report Risk-Free Today!

Report is connected directly to the AdStage API, which enables the company to add new services to the platform in a modular way. This technology allows AdStage to operate as an open ad management platform that connects third-party marketing technologies together, whether that be a bid algorithm, content management tool, or reporting solution. As part of the roll out with Report, AdStage is also evaluating and working on adding other types of marketing reports in the product, such as marketing automation reports from Marketo and HubSpot, lead reports from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and CRM data from Salesforce.

“The list of ways you can bridge marketing tools is incredibly long and today, highly manual and reserved for companies that have the most expendable resources. We are building a platform dedicated to efficiently automating processes and helping the Head of Demand Generation be successful.” — Sahil Jain, CEO and Co-founder of AdStage

As marketers evolve and continue to add more tools and complexity to their technology stack, AdStage will be the hub that connects and automates a marketer’s daily interactions with these workflow tools. Today, the Report product supports cross-channel dashboards, pdf and web reports, and multiple chart options for search and social advertising. Eventually, AdStage plans to tie in reports from an entire ecosystem of marketing technologies, not just for online ads.


Looking For a Better Way to Examine Your PPC Data?

With AdStage Report it’s easy to stay on top of results and share them with your team.
Cut hours of manual reporting time and produce the perfect, branded report.

AdStage PPC Reporting in A Snap


Save Time Managing LinkedIn Ad Campaigns with AdStage Bulk Editing

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Save Time Managing LinkedIn Ad Campaigns with AdStage Bulk Editing

linkedin bulk select and editHave you ever needed to make a change across multiple campaigns at once? Until today, doing this in LinkedIn required editing each campaign one at a time.

To speed up the process, we’ve released a powerful new way to edit your LinkedIn campaigns in bulk. Bulk editing, released today in AdStage, is a quick way to edit settings across multiple LinkedIn campaigns at once. In this post, I’ll give you an overview of the new bulk editing features and provide some examples of them in action.

LinkedIn Bulk Editing in AdStage

Savvy LinkedIn advertisers build high-performing accounts by compiling multiple campaigns with slight variations in targeting settings. This strategy allows them to create hyper-relevant ads and discover the most efficient targeting methods.

linkedin ads interface

But managing large accounts becomes difficult when the need arises to make sweeping changes to your campaigns, because no bulk editing features exist in the LinkedIn Ads interface. Campaigns must be edited one by one. Fortunately, AdStage solves this problem by giving you a way to manage LinkedIn campaigns at scale.

How Bulk Editing Works in AdStage

Editing multiple campaigns simultaneously is easy:

  1. Select the campaigns you’d like to edit from any campaign table.
  2. Click “Bulk Edit” in the actions bar.
  3. Navigate to the setting you’d like to change in your selected campaigns.
  4. Editing the field replaces the current values with what you enter (e.g., replace targeted locations with “United States”).

linkedin ads bulk edit in adstage

Advanced Features

There are also two other advanced bulk editing features:

  • Append: Adds new values alongside any existing settings (e.g., add “United States” to your targeted locations, or append “US” to the end of your campaign names).
  • Remove: Removes a value, if present, from your current settings (e.g., remove “Canada” from your targeted locations).

Examples of Bulk Editing in Action

Here are three different scenarios that highlight how Bulk Editing can save you time  managing your campaigns:

Replace Existing Settings in Bulk

After analyzing your campaign performance, you find that the majority of your clicks are coming from entry-level employees. This is an opportunity for optimization, because senior-level employees are more likely to purchase your product. However, you’ve already added seniority-targeting across a few of your campaigns and need to make sure all campaigns have this setting. To address this task, you replace the existing seniority targeting settings across all of your campaigns to reach senior-level employees only. As a result, your conversion rate increases, and your cost per conversion decreases!

linkedin ads bulk edit replace

Remove Existing Settings in Bulk

After testing, you find that targeting “Microsoft Excel” adds too many irrelevant people to your audience. To address this, you remove every instance of “Microsoft Excel” from your campaigns’ targeted skills in bulk. As a result, your target shrinks and the quality increases, causing your conversion rate to increase and cost per conversion to decrease.

linkedin ads bulk edit remove

Add New Settings in Bulk

You learn that a portion of your impressions are reaching your competitors. To address this problem, you add a company exclusion with your competitor’s company name to your campaigns in bulk. As a result, your spend is focused on reaching potential customers and no longer shows to your competition.

linkedin bulk edit append


Bulk editing is available now in AdStage for LinkedIn campaigns and will be rolling out for additional ad networks in the coming weeks. Try it today with a free 14 day trial of AdStage!

Get Started with $250 in Free LinkedIn Ad Credit! via blog.adstage.io

What’s New with AdStage in September

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What’s New with AdStage in September

Automated Rules For All

We’ve unlocked Automated Rules for all AdStage customers. Now everyone can automate tasks like editing bids, pausing low-performing ads and scheduling campaigns! Launch the app.

intuitive automated rule builder

Improved Account Management

Managing which accounts are linked to AdStage is easier than ever with with the new Account Management page. This also sets the stage for a big release coming in October. Stay tuned!

improved account management

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates For All

We’ve also unlocked support for this native ad type for all AdStage subscribers. Advertise in the LinkedIn Feed today.

linkedin sponsored updates

Folder-level Campaigns Tab

We’ve added a “Campaigns” tab to the folder dashboard which helps you perform bulk actions across the folder and focus on your campaigns. Visit your folders.

campaigns tab in Folders


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What’s New with AdStage in August

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What’s New with AdStage in August

August has been a big month for us at AdStage! We announced our Series A funding, grew our team and added two major features to the product.

$6.3M in New Funding

We’ve just raised $6.25 million from Verizon Ventures, Digital Garage and many other great investors. With nearly $9 million in total funding, we’re committed to revolutionizing the way you manage your ad campaigns. Read the press coverage.

adstage wall street journal

Upgraded Conversion Tracking

You can now add AdStage conversion tracking to your existing campaigns. The process is incredibly simple and configures your tracking URLs at your command. Try it out.

adstage conversion tracking

Automated Rules

Automate tedious campaign optimization tasks like editing bids, pausing low-performing ads and scheduling campaigns with the new Automated Rules app. Request access today!

intuitive automated rule builder

Team Growth

AdStage has grown considerably in the past few weeks. We’re now a team of 17, with 11 engineers. Meet the team.

adstage team


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Introducing the New AdStage Report Center

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in PPC News, Product Updates, Reporting
Introducing the New AdStage Report Center

Reporting just got easier.

We’ve just launched the brand new Report Center in AdStage to make creating reports for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads even easier.

You can choose from a number of pre-built report templates or create a custom report with the rows and columns you care about most. You can even schedule recurring reports to be delivered right to your inbox. Log in to check out the new Report Center or sign up for AdStage for access.

Log In to the Report Center


Browse Reports

Browse dozens of pre-built reports from the new Report Gallery.

Browse Reports


Filter Reports

Use real-time search and filters to find the right report, right away.

Report Filter


Customize Reports

Create custom reports with the exact data you need.

Custom reports


Schedule Reports

Schedule recurring reports to be emailed to you or your colleagues.

schedule reports


Manage Reports

Modify, duplicate and delete your scheduled reports easily.

Manage Scheduled Reports


What’s Next?

We’re actively working on even more features for the new Report Center. What else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

What’s New with AdStage: Invites, Speed, Team & More…

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in PPC News, Product Updates
What’s New with AdStage: Invites, Speed, Team & More…

[iframe src=”http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=06cc6c863e1195b198575e1a2&id=d565a4b460&awesome=yes” scrolling=”yes” height=”3200″]