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E-Book: Demystifying ROI for B2B Marketers

Measuring ROI from paid marketing for B2B is a critical problem a lot of marketers are trying to tackle. B2B marketing isn’t a simple, transactional process that’s easily tracked through clear conversions. For B2B marketers, ROI is measured along a cycle that could span months, and during that time, customers are engaging with the brand in a variety of ways through many different touch points, 7-14 touch points on average, in fact.

Five to ten years ago, marketers were seen as cost setters, not revenue driving setters or growth setters. That has totally changed. Now more than ever, marketers are just as responsible for revenue as the sales team. As the need for marketing and sales to align becomes greater, marketers are searching for better ways to measure their impact further down the funnel.

Our Demystifying ROI for B2B Marketers eBook tackles the questions marketers are faced with on a daily basis and provides solutions that you can implement immediately to hit short term goals as well as best practices that will help you achieve strategic goals. So the next time your boss asks you how many leads turned into customers last quarter and what was the impact on revenue, you’ll have the exact numbers to share.

Get your copy of our Demystifying ROI for B2B Marketers eBook by downloading here. This eBook highlights how the digital marketing industry is changing, what you need to do to stay ahead, and provides step-by-step how-tos for connecting your marketing and sales data and reporting on ROI.

In our Demystifying ROI for B2B Marketers ebook, you’ll find chapters that go deep on the major topics marketers come up against:

Tracking Every Dollar

During a recent roundtable with a group of global CMOs, they were asked how much money they're spending on digital media. Throughout the room, there was much hemming and hawing, and no quick answers. The vast majority had absolutely no idea, while others were only able to guess at ballpark estimates.

Today, technology makes it too easy to have your pulse on this number with just the click of a button. Anyone in the company should be able to dig deep to understand where you're spending, and how it's affecting the company's bottom line. In Tracking Every Dollar, we’ll look at how data is changing the CMO role and offer solutions to help marketers get away from the manual task of duct taping their data together in Excel.

Create KPIs and Measure Outcomes

Once you have your process in place, it's time to set your sights on the metrics that matter. But if those top of funnel metrics aren't cutting it anymore, what are the KPIs marketers should start to laser focus on?

In Create KPIs and Measure Outcomes, we'll look at how the customer journey has changed, and become significantly more complicated. We'll go deep on the "marketer's iceberg" and show you the meaningful data that lies beyond the surface. Finally, we'll give you the marketing math that will help you calculate where to spend your time to get the maximum number of leads to convert to customers.

Measure Pipeline Contribution Back to PPC Campaigns

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker And in this case, measuring it means following the data from beginning to end, as you’ll see in the shocking example we share in this chapter. If your measurements don’t go beyond CPL, you could cost the company or clients a lot of money, and miss out on thousands of dollars in revenue.

But where exactly can you get the data you need to connect your efforts to the outcome of your campaigns? In Measure Pipeline Contributions Back to PPC Campaigns, we’ll also show you how to use hidden fields to pass more data into your CRM so you can better attribute where leads are coming from. Get ready for minds blown.

Determine ROI and Report Regularly

Determine ROI and Report Regularly we’ll show you the reports you need to pull from your CRM, and how to match them up with your regular marketing reports. With this approach, you can show marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline and also prove how much marketing is contributing to drive SQLs, closed deals, and ultimately revenue.

This chapter also lists the 4 mains KPIs to make sure you’re measuring to get the correct calculations for ROI (SQLs and the new MQLs…). With that, you can determine which campaigns to dial-up and which to turn off if they aren’t yielding bankable results.

Get your copy of our Demystifying ROI for B2B Marketers eBook by downloading here. As marketers become more responsible for driving the company’s bottom line, this eBook is an invaluable guide to help you understand how our industry is changing, show you what you need to do to keep up, and offer the how-to tools to reorganize your reports and better connect your data. 

AdStage Team