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    5 Ways Lead Gen Marketers Can Use Facebook’s New Feature to Spy on Competition

    Last week, Facebook shipped a new feature which allows anyone to see the ads any business is running on the platform. This is designed to bring more transparency to ads and Pages on Facebook -- a timely move ahead of the general election in Brazil this upcoming October.

    For advertisers, this new feature offers tons of valuable data for marketing intelligence. Because anyone can see the ads a Page runs across all of the Facebook-owned properties, including Instagram and the partner network, marketers can learn from their competitors’ ads even if those ads aren’t shown to them.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Log into Facebook
    2. Go your competitor’s Page
    3. Select “Info and Ads.” 


    From this screen, you can see the ads a company runs, and which creatives they use for different countries. For example, Warby Parker runs non-localized ads in 25 countries.


    Here’re some examples of ads you can view from Warby Parker's "Info and Ads" page.


     Warby Parker's app install ad with a call to action to renew your glasses prescription


     Warby Parker's seasonal ad featuring its Summer 2018 collection 


     A personalized Facebook ad featuring the items a person has been browsing on the Warby Parker's website 

    Armed with this knowledge, you can analyze your competition, and fine-tune your PPC strategy to create better, more engaging ads. Here're five ways to use competitive intelligence to your advantage:

    1. Track your competitors’ new product features and messaging

    Often, companies use Facebook ads to gauge people's interest in a new product or feature, and test it on a smaller audience before releasing to the larger market.


     2. Get ideas for new content

    It’s a common marketing practice to put paid traffic towards the best content that already performs well organically. Using the new transparency feature, you can see which content your competitors are promoting the most.


    3. Check new offers and sales

    Among other ads your competition is running, you can see the deals and discounts they’ll be offering for a limited time, such as during seasonal promotions.


    4. Monitor pricing

    Monitoring your competitors’ changes in pricing can help you optimize your strategy and identify opportunities for differentiation.


    5. Get inspired by great Facebook ad examples

    Competition often pushes us to be our best, which is also true for advertising creative. If you’re looking for inspiration to create better Facebook ads, look no further than your competition, and copy their successful tactics.  

    Use the new Facebook transparency feature to learn from competition

    The recent Facebook feature aimed at bringing more transparency to political ads is a great resource for marketers in all industries. Using the new “Info and Ads” tab on your competitors’ page, you can learn and copy others’ advertising techniques and tactics, whether it’s pricing, messaging, or ad creative.


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