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    Facebook Cuts 5,000 Targeting Options

    Last week, Facebook removed 5,000 targeting options, Google shared tips on food advertising, Instagram Sponsored Content became the new summer job for Generation Z, and AdStage's Paul Wicker finally made a comeback on the PPC Show.

    Tune in as the AdStage team (Paul, Josh, and Anya) dive into the latest ad tech stories.

    Facebook Cuts 5,000 Targeting Options

    Facebook discontinues 5,000 terms that could target people interested in Passover, Evangelicalism, Islamic Culture, and more.

    Google Created a Fake Brand to Test Out YouTube Adsrter

    Google created 33 ads for a fake brand called “Dr. Fork” and tested out creative strategies on 20 million impressions.

    As Advertisers Pull Back On Facebook, Instagram’s Ad Spend Growth Rate Is Booming

    Facebook has had a lackluster quarter, but Instagram’s is on the move. Marketing Land takes a close look at the data.

    Ad-Supported Netflix Could Be Around the Corner

    After seeing Netflix show skippable program promos, experts are wondering if Netflix is prepping the audience for ads.

    Chartbeat: Only A Third Of Google AMP Publishers See Traffic Boost

    The Daily Beast ran an A/B test where it randomly published articles in AMP and non-AMP formats. AMP articles didn’t get more page views from Google.

    Posting Instagram Sponsored Content Is the New Summer Job

    The Atlantic reports on how teens with just a thousand or so followers are being paid around $5 to $20 a post to publish sponsored content on behalf of brands..

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