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    Facebook Exempts News Outlets From Political Ads Transparency Labels

    This week in AdTech - Facebook exempts news outlets from political ads transparency labels; Promote your answers on Quora; and Google Ads Can Now Count Calls from location extensions as conversions. 


    Facebook exempts news outlets from political ads transparency labels
    Legitimate news organizations will not have to carry a “Paid for by” label on ads in the Facebook News Feed or Instagram.

    Promote your answers on Quora
    Promoted Answers provides a flexible canvas to share detailed information about your product or service and helps to facilitate engagement through upvotes, comments, and follows..

    Google Ads Can Now Count Calls from location extensions as conversions
    Use this new Smart Bidding strategy in Google Ads to help ensure your ads are meeting a specific impression threshold.

    Facebook passes key hurdle in MRC viewability reporting audit
    The Media Rating Council (MRC), the industry standard keeper for media measurement, has signed off on Facebook’s process for providing data to third parties for verification.

    Introducing more ways to share your stories on YouTube
    YouTube Stories are now available to all eligible creators with 10K+ subscribers. Fun creation tools are available to make the story unique, plus viewers can comment and thumbs up and thumbs down comments.

    'Advertisers think it's just like buying digital': Myths of connected TV advertising
    This year connected TV overtook mobile as the screen on which the most digital video impressions were served. However, there are many myths to dispel surrounding this format. 

    5 Essential strategies B2B marketers must master in 2019
    Optimize your company page, add company page followers, publish engaging content, and then sponsor your best content.

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