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    Facebook Lost One Million Active Users to GDPR

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    This week Facebook and Google report on earnings, Snapchat opens a private marketplace for ads in Discover shows, and Guardian attempts to buy its own ad inventory on the open exchange to test the effectiveness of ads.txt.


    Show Notes

    Facebook Lost One Million Active Users to GDPR

    Facebook’s stock plunged nearly 20 percent on warning of slow revenue growth. The companylostabout 1 million monthly active users in Europe due to the implementation of GDPR.

    Google's Mobile Search Leads Revenue, Paid Clicks Up 58%

    In Q2 2018, Alphabet’s total revenue was $32.7 billion with mobile search leading the way. That’s up 26 percent from the year prior.

    Snapchat Opens a Private Marketplace for Brands to Buy Ads in Discover Shows
    Snapchat will let advertisers book ads in specific shows and channels created by publishing partners, such as Hearst, Vice, and BuzzFeed, through its self-serve platform.

    Google Updates Its Search Quality Rating Guidelines
    Google has revised its set of guidelines to help human “quality raters” evaluate online content. The 164-page document shows what type of content Google will prioritize in search results.

    Inside Facebook’s Marketer Advisory Groups
    Digiday reported on what it’s like being a member onFacebook’s marketing council.

    Guardian US Teams Up with Google and MightyHive to Uncover Programmatic Ad Fraud
    Guardian initiated a series of test to investigate issues of programmatic ad fraud on the open exchange and the effectiveness of ads.txt.

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