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    Facebook Adding More Choices For Video Ad Buyers

    This week, Facebook adds more choices for video ad buyers; Google announces custom metrics, Unique Reach, and Brand Lift capabilities; and Snapchat roles out new ecommerce feature.

    Facebook Adding More Choices For Video Ad Buyers

    Place ads in high quality video with In-Stream Reserve and choose specific video categories with In-Stream Reserve Categories You can also utilize ThruPlay to only pay for video ads that are watched to completion.

    Google: New Ways To Measure From Impression To Impact In Display & Video 360

    Google announced custom metrics, Unique Reach, and Brand Lift capabilities that allow advertisers to more specifically define what counts as an impression, measure the number of unique viewers for an ad, and measure video on brand perception insights.

    Expand Your Global Reach With Multiple Language Targeting

    You can now choose from multiple Bing Ads support languages to target customers at the campaign level, rather than just the ad-group level, which matches the Google Ads structure.

    Snapchat Is Rolling Out 3 New Ecommerce Features

    Snapchat is continuing its ecommerce strategy with the global rollout of Collection Ads (fka shoppable Snap ads), the ability of advertisers to upload product catalogs, and a more specific Snapchat pixel which can see what types of pages Snapchatters visit.

    From Discovery To Click, New YouTube Ads Capabilities For More Effective Video Storytelling

    Help viewers take action from your video ads with extensions that include additional useful information, like finding the next movie showtime, downloading an app, or booking a trip.

    Unlocking Global Revenue Through In-Stream Video Ads

    Publishers on Twitter can now monetize their entire global video audience (not just the markets where they are based) through In-Stream Video Ads 

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