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Get To Know Your Marketing Influencers: An Interview with AdStage CEO, Sahil Jain, by the Folks at Capterra

Our CEO here AdStage, Sahil Jain, recently spoke with the folks at Capterra at Hubspot's highly anticipated marketing conference - INBOUND. Read on or watch above to learn what he had to share about marketing technology and paid marketing.

Sahil Jain


What’s your favorite podcast right now?

I’m a bit biased, our company has a podcast called The PPC Show, so it’s probably my top podcast, if I had to say one I’d probably say that.


If you could only save one social media platform, which would it be and why?

I would probably keep LinkedIn, just because for a business it’s such a useful tool, for hiring, for recruiting, all that kind of stuff, and sharing content. And then socially, if I wasn’t working, if I was fortunate enough to not, I’d probably keep maybe Facebook.

What new technology or marketing tactic do you plan to implement in 2019?

As marketers, for a long time we’ve focused on top of funnel, you know things like leads, then we move a little bit further down the funnel and focus on things like MQLs, but now what we’re really trying to do is track through pipeline, so when you’re running a paid ad campaign or you’re publishing content, how much pipeline is it actually driving? And so we’re adopting technology, not just ours, but other technology to basically bring pipeline data and attach that to our actual marketing data.

What is the biggest missed opportunity you see in marketing today?

I think it’s the same thing as the technology, which is really tracking further and further down the funnel, and as you start to see a shift of CMOs basically owning all of revenue operations I think that’s gonna be a really big thing for us where marketing is no longer a cost center but a revenue center.

AdStage Team