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    Building Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

    It seems like only recently, whatever recently might mean in a digital marketing timeline, marketers, especially B2B marketers, have started taking LinkedIn seriously as an advertising platform. What was once just a place for professionals to connect and advance in their careers, is now a bonafide social media network with nearly 600 million members. That’s a valuable, engaged audience, and all the more reason to nail down your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

    We won’t go into the nitty-gritty of why you should build a LinkedIn Advertising strategy – you are after all already reading a post called Building Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. Instead, we’ll jump farther downstream to the actionable items that will get you results asap.

    Keep reading for how to on:

    • Creating a purpose-driven Company Page
    • Set KPIs that are specific to LinkedIn’s features
    • Building and always on content strategy
    • Tapping into LinkedIn’s unique advertising features
    • Analyzing, refining, and optimizing your LinkedIn marketing strategy

    As you get going on your LinkedIn marketing campaigns, keep AdStage in mind. Our LinkedIn integration lets you schedule your LinkedIn ads for specific times of day to eliminate wasteful spend and maximize conversions. As well as automatically rotate in new ads based on the performance metrics that matter most to you.

    Create a purpose-driven Company Page

    A strong LinkedIn marketing strategy starts with a strong foundation. Here, that means establishing your company presence on LinkedIn with a company page. A complete, well thought out company page will help you establish authority and ensure anyone clicking through for more information about you doesn’t think you’re a bot.

    But don’t just start filling out information or copying from your website blindly. Your LinkedIn Company Page provides a ton of opportunities to drive conversions:

    • Use your company description not just to tell people about who you are and what you do, but also to pitch your products and services.
    • Focus your copy on SEO and search-friendly terms. Use the keywords you’ve already found to be valuable and are hopefully already using on your website and PPC ads.
    • Drive traffic to your page by linking to it from other places. This will help boost your search engine ranking so that people searching for your keywords are more likely to find you. Possible places to link from includes website, blog, other company-owned social profiles, employee-owned social profiles, newsletters.
    • Publish content on a regular basis (more on this below, too). An active page will get ranked higher in search engine page rankings. Fresh, relevant content will also help you establish your authority with your followers and customers.

    If you’re having trouble getting creative, check out what your competitors are doing. Look up the brands and companies you love and take notes.

    While you’re building out your Company Page telling people about the wonderful services your company provides, build out your Showcase Pages, too. The Pages are a great option for businesses with multiple products. There you can dedicate separate pages to highlight specific products and services. They’re also great targeted marketing channels since you can send updates to people following specific pages.

    Set KPIs that are specific to LinkedIn’s features

    Any seasoned marketer knows each marketing platform provides unique benefits, and ads should be tailored specifically for each platform. For LinkedIn, those marketing benefits include:

    • Lead generation
    • Brand awareness
    • Establishing authority

    And then, of course, there are associated metrics such as:

    • Conversions
    • Leads generated
    • Followers
    • CPA
    • Comments
    • Video views
    • Page views
    • CTR

    Depending on where you are with getting your LinkedIn marketing strategy up and running, you may want to start small, with just one of LinkedIn’s unique marketing benefits. But, if you’re set up to go big, you can certainly go after all three at the same time.

    Build an always-on content strategy

    LinkedIn is where people go to learn more about their industry, career, colleagues, thought leaders, etc. All that is accomplished through content. An always-on content plan is crucial to a strong LinkedIn advertising strategy. Before you start jamming out posts, figure out what you want to accomplish as it relates to the KPIs you already set. Content goals include:

    • Building brand awareness
    • Generating qualified leads
    • Establishing and strengthening brand authority
    • Engaging with your target audience
    • Selling your product or service

    Don’t let always-on intimidate you. That doesn’t mean you have to start building out a dedicated content team. There’s likely plenty going on in your company that you can tap into:

    • Case studies
    • White papers
    • Website blogs
    • Slide Decks
    • Infographics
    • Customer testimonials
    • Video from internal talks or external conferences
    • Industry trends
    • How to product videos

    Be sure to mix up your media, too. Text posts along with images, infographics, and videos.

    Tap into LinkedIn’s unique advertising features

    Not only does LinkedIn provide several ad units that work seamlessly on the platform, but it also has targeting options that you won’t find on any other platform.

    Ad units to consider for your LinkedIn marketing strategy

    We covered this in depth on our post Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ad Types, but for a B2B LinkedIn marketing campaign, the most powerful units to try out are:

    Sponsored Content Ads: One of the more popular types of LinkedIn ads. Sponsored content ads let you promote a piece of content that you already have on your LinkedIn company page to targeted LinkedIn users outside of your visitors and followers. There’s also a variation of this ad type called LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content. This LinkedIn ad format lets you test content without creating posts on your LinkedIn page.

    Image from LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads

    LinkedIn Sponsored InMail: Lets you deliver personalized, private messages directly to users’ LinkedIn inboxes. These ads are purchased on a "cost per send" basis, as opposed to CPC or CPM. LinkedIn automatically sends a Sponsored InMail ad only when the recipient is online to ensure it pops up at the top of their inbox.

    LinkedIn Text Ads: Similar to a Google or Bing search ad, this LinkedIn ad format is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform. LinkedIn Text Ads show up on the side rail or inline. They appear in a variety of sizes and can fit up to 25 characters in the headline and 75 characters in the description.

    Targeting capabilities for your LinkedIn marketing strategy

    Matched Audiences: A powerful tool for retargeting. Allows you to reach people you already know with website, contact, and account targeting.

    Image from LinkedIn Matched Audiences

    LinkedIn Groups: Find other trusted communities that share and support your goals. In other words, talk to like-minded people in your niche. You can communicate with the group as a whole, or use it as a way to hone in on individuals.

    LinkedIn Sponsored InMail: Directly contact anyone on LinkedIn for a highly personalized LinkedIn marketing strategy. When done correctly, it works, too. According to LinkedIn, InMail response rate is 3x that of traditional email.

    Analyze, refine, and optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy

    Again, this is where AdStage is hugely helpful. Quickly uncover top-performing LinkedIn ads and analyze LinkedIn campaign performance with custom dashboards and reports with drop-in tables, graphs, text, or images widgets. You can also download our latest Benchmark Reports to see how your CPC, CPM, and CTR numbers stack up.


    Whatever your approach, know that the more out into your LinkedIn marketing strategy, the more you’ll get out of it. Keep your Company Page up-to-date, always be publishing fresh content, and run daily reports to check in on your ad campaigns.

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    Breanna Lambert

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