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    Complete Guide to Facebook Analytics

    Facebook’s analytics platforms give you so much information it’s often hard to decipher what really matters. A Page Like is always a good feeling, but it turns out it doesn’t matter nearly as much as your Page’s engagement rate. You could have all the Likes in the world, but if no one is clicking on your Page after that initial Like, then what’s the point?

    In this post, we’ll go as in-depth as is needed to give you a working knowledge of the analytics that are available, where to find them, which of them really matter, and how to use them to your advantage.

    Why use Facebook Insights

    Let’s back up and talk about why any of this even matters. Understanding the analytics for your Page, Audience, and Ads is what will make you a better advertiser. You’ll see clearly what’s working, what’s not, get ideas on what you might try, and move the needle little by little with every report you pull. 

    Speaking of which, check AdStage’s Report feature for an easy way to stay on top of the numbers that matter most to you. Drive ROI by creating compelling dashboards with real-time data and easily share automated reports.

    3 Facebook Analytics dashboards

    Facebook’s Page Insights is perhaps one of the most widely covered analytics dashboards, but the valuable information at your very fingertips goes well beyond that. 

    • Page Insights—get detailed metrics on your Page and content performance over time. To see Page Insights: Click Insights at the top of your Page. If you don't see Insights, click More. Click sections on the left for more information.
    • Audience Insights—helps you find trends in your Page’s audience, learn more about who they are, and see overlaps with other audiences on Facebook. Audience Insights is found within the Facebook Ad Manager. Find it by clicking the drop-down menu under “Tools.”
    • Ads Manager—gives detailed information about how your paid ads are performing. Click on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page and choose “Manage Ads” from the drop-down to access Facebook Ads Manager.

    Most important metrics on Page Insights

    Facebook’s Page Insights shows you everything that has happened on your brand’s Page. That includes engagement, followers, and lots more. Some of the data is just interesting, while some of it is pure vanity metrics that could distract you from calculating a true ROAS. Here are the Page Insights analytics that matter most: 

    • Post engagement. This reveals the posts that most resonated with your followers, and what you’ll want to do more of. 
    • Engagement rates. As mentioned before, followers are great, but your engagement rate will tell you if they actually care about what you’re posting. 
    • Reach. As all marketers know, Facebook uses a tricky and elusive algorithm to decide what posts get shown to who and how much. Watching your reach will help you determine if the algorithm likes what you’re putting out. 

    Aside from the three numbers above, you want to keep a general eye on all the overview numbers. If you see something plunging or skyrocketing, it’s a good clue to dig in deeper to see what changes you might want to make as a result. 


    Image from Facebook

    Most important metrics on Audience Insights

    Facebook’s Audience Insights gives you powerful info about the people who already like you. Those metrics include location, age, HHI, purchase behavior, and more indicators that will help you better tailor your ads. None of the data in this section is meant to measure progress, but rather to be informative so that you can then make better decisions about your creative and targeting. Consider using the information to create location-specific campaigns or a campaign targeting specifically female customers. 

    Most important metrics on Ads Manager

    Facebook Ads Manager is the master hub for analytics related to the Facebook and Instagram ads you run. In this dashboard, for each campaign, you’ll see analytics like results achieved, reach, relevance score, and tons more. We’ve gone into depth in other posts about the most important numbers you’ll find in Ads Manager, but here’s a quick list: 

    • Relevance score. This goes back to Facebook’s tricky way of deciding what gets shown where and how much. Your relevance score is a key determinator on how much Facebook will charge you for the placement of your campaigns. Shoot for 7 or higher. 
    • Cost per result. Maybe you got a ton of people to do what you wanted them to, but did you pay dearly for it? Make sure what you’re paying for the result is below what you initially calculated as its worth.
    • Number of results. Make your time and energy count! If your results numbers are in the dumps, you’ll want to consider a different strategy, new creative, or even taking your campaign to a different platform. 

    Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 2.23.08 PM

    Image from Facebook 


    If you’re new to Facebook Analytics or just looking for tips to make it more effective, the above analytics are one of the most effective places to start. From there, dig around. There’s no wrong button you can push, and the more familiar you are with what’s available and which numbers show what, the stronger your brand page, posts, and ad campaigns will be.

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