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    Complete Guide to Promoted Tweets

    Promoted Tweets are the ad unit users probably come across most frequently. And it’s no surprise since Promoted Tweets are one of the easier ad units to set up and run. We talk about all 10 different types of ad units Twitter offers in this post, but here we’ll focus on what people mean when they talk about a promoted tweet. We’ll also look at: 

    • The difference between Promoted Tweets vs. Twitter Ads
    • Where do Promoted Tweets appear?
    • When should you use a Promoted Tweet?
    • How much does a Promoted Tweet cost?
    • How to set up a Promoted Tweet
    • How to automatically promote your Tweet

    Once you have your Promoted Tweet plan down, check out AdStage’s Twitter integration, which helps you optimize campaigns with rules that schedule them, alert you based on performance, pause campaigns, increase budgets, and more.

    What is a Promoted Tweet?

    Promoted tweets are paid Tweets that are shown to people outside of an advertiser’s follower base. They look like regular Tweets except they’re labeled “Promoted.”

    The difference between Promoted Tweets vs. Twitter Ads

    Promoted Tweets place your Tweets in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users you’ve reached using targeting parameters. Twitter Ads are more along the lines of a complete campaign that uses multiple Tweets to accomplish one goal. 

    For conversions like sending more people to your webpage, Promoted Tweets are a great approach. But if you’re looking to accomplish a goal like growing your follower base, you may want to look at Twitter Ads, or Twitter for Business

    Where do Promoted Tweets appear?

    Promoted tweets may appear in five places:

    • At the top of relevant search results pages on Twitter
    • In search results for a Promoted Trend
    • On a targeted user’s timeline
    • On user profiles
    • Through Twitter’s official desktop and mobile clients

    Advertisers can send Promoted Tweets without first posting them on their timeline. However, any Promoted Tweet is still a part of Twitter and can be found through search. 

    When should you use a Promoted Tweet?

    Within Twitter’s objectives-based campaign flow, Promoted Tweets are geared toward increasing audience reach and engagement. For that reason, advertisers should use Promoted Tweets to increase landing page traffic, for lead generation, sales, and to strengthen brand awareness.

    How much does a Promoted Tweet cost?

    If only there was a simple answer to this question. But, like all the other platforms, Twitter’s price per billable action is not a fixed rate since the ads run on an auction system. As you put your creative and targeting together, keep in mind that how much you pay for your campaigns will depend on factors like:

    1. How engaging your ad is
    2. The size of your targeted audience
    3. How many other advertisers are also targeting that particular audience
    4. How much you bid

    For some overview numbers, check out our Benchmark Reports. The Benchmark Reports surface median CPC, CPM, and CTR for all major advertising platforms. Because those numbers are always changing, you'll want to download the most recent report here to make sure you have the most up-to-date information. 

    Keep reading to learn about an option that automatically promotes your Tweets for a set monthly fee. 

    How to set up a Promoted Tweet

    For anyone who’s already run a campaign on Twitter, this process will be familiar. 

    1. Select "Promote Mode" from the campaign menu and click "Get started"
    2. Select your Promoted Tweet's country and timezone
    3. Choose "Interests" or "Location" for your targeting focus
    4. Option #1:  Choose up to five interests associated with your target audience.
    5. Option #2: Choose up to five locations associated with your target audience.
    6. Review your ad criteria and select "Proceed."
    7. Add your billing information and launch your promoted tweet.

    If you’re at a live event or you see a Tweet getting particularly high engagement, you may want to Promote the Tweet as quickly as possible. In that case, use Quick Promote:

    1. Choose a Tweet to promote—Click on the activity icon for any Tweet in your timeline, on your mobile phone, or from your computer. Or, select a Tweet in your Tweet activity dashboard or one of your top-performing Tweets in account home.
    2. Click on “Promote this Tweet"
    3. Select the location you’d like to target—Available options include country, state/province/region or metro area.
    4. Select your budget—Twitter provides an estimate of the results you’re likely to see at each level.
    5. Confirm your spend—Watch your Tweet reach a wider audience in real-time.

    How to automatically promote your Tweets

    For a set monthly fee ($99 USD per month), your Tweets and account are automatically promoted, which Twitter says can help you reach up to 30,000 additional people every month. 

    Here’s how it works—each day, your first 10 Tweets that pass Twitter’s quality filter are added to a Promoted Tweets campaign that targets your selected audience. Tweets that are promoted become Twitter Ads and appear with a small "Promoted" icon. Your Retweets, Quote Tweets, and replies will not be promoted.

    If you’re interested, you can sign up here

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    If you’re just starting to learn the ins and outs of advertising on Twitter or want a simple way to boost your campaign efforts, Promoted Tweets are a great strategy to add to your roster. Especially at a fixed $99 per month price, you can learn a lot while making sure your budget doesn’t go off the rails. 

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