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    Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics

    How many people clicked on my last Tweet? Do most of my Followers live in big cities or small towns? How many impressions did my Tweet get yesterday? Twitter Analytics has the answers to all those questions and more. Twitter doesn’t provide as much, or as in-depth of information as other platforms, but it makes it easy for marketers to access and understand the data. 

    In this post, we’ll look at:

    • Why you should use Twitter Analytics
    • How to find and access Twitter Analytics
    • A detailed breakdown of the Twitter Analytics dashboards marketers should care about most
    • Top Twitter metrics for marketers to track

    Though Twitter offers the option to download your metrics directly, check out AdStage Report for a simple way to stay on top of reporting without lifting a finger. Report lets you automate your regular reporting to get updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. You can also apply 100+ metrics and advanced name and metric-based filters to drill down into the exact ad performance views you need.

    Why use Twitter Analytics

    No matter what you’re doing on any platform, it’s mandatory that you plug into the available analytics so that you can understand what’s working, and what needs to be optimized. Here’s what Twitter’s analytics capabilities can be especially helpful with:

    Learn more about your audience

    Twitter shows you core demographic categories and more. You can also target (and learn more about) audiences based on interests, what device they use, behavior, and keywords. And, pro tip—you can use audience info to find people who follow accounts similar to yours and therefore might want to follow you, too. 

    Test and learn with content

    Before you spend a bunch of money on a huge campaign idea, put it out into the Twittersphere to see if your audience actually likes it. If you’re A/B testing creative, Twitter Analytics will give you a clear answer on if you should put your bucks behind Creative A or Creative B.

    Replicate success

    Once you pinpoint what’s working, you can use that info to build the creative out even more. On the flip side, if something tanked, spend time trying to figure out what went wrong, how you could change it, or put it on the list of “Never Again.”

    Post at the best times

    Twitter is the most real-time platform, so it’s important that you’re posting at times when customers will actually see your message. Twitter’s official partner, Union Metrics, analyzes your stats and tells you what time your Tweets have been most successful so you can build your strategy around the most optimal times. 

    How to log into Twitter Analytics

    1. Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account
    2. Click on More on the lefthand side of the screen on desktop
    3. Click on Analytics

    In the top navigation bar, you’ll see the analytics dashboards that are available to you.

    Twitter Analytics dashboards marketers should care most about

    Account home

    Account home is the default landing page when you’re logged in and click on the Analytics tab. There you’ll see month to month high-level statistics, callouts of your most popular Tweets, a summary of your new Followers, and influencers in your network.

    Tweet Activity Dashboard

    Your Tweet activity dashboard is where you can dive deep into individual Tweets. That includes stats like:

    • How people engage with your Tweets in real-time
    • Your Tweet activity and followers, and how they trend over time
    • A detailed view of the number of Retweets, replies, likes, follows, or clicks an individual Tweet receives
    • Detailed audience insights, especially for those who engage with your Tweets

    This is also where you can download all of your Twitter metrics. 

    Audience insights dashboard

    Your audience insights dashboard is where you’ll get all the info you want on the people who follow you on Twitter. You can track follower growth and learn more about your followers’ interests and demographics. 

    Top Twitter metrics for marketers to track

    Twitter offers a lot of information in the Analytics dashboards, but not every bit of info is relevant to marketers. Here are the numbers you should pay attention to at the account, Tweet, and ad level. 

    Account metrics

    • Best performing Tweet: This is a quick-hit indication of what’s working. You can start digging in to learn more about that particular Tweet, or Quick Promote it to give it even more legs
    • New followers: If your count is up, awesome—keep doing what you’re doing. If it’s clicking down, you’ll want to reassess your strategy quickly.

    Tweet metrics

    • Engagements: A Tweet engagement is basically someone saying “I like this, give me more,” so it’s super important to stay on top of what people are finding compelling. 
    • Engagement rate: Engagement rate shows you of the people who saw the Tweet, how many were compelled enough to take action? This is a more definite indication of how strong your messaging and creative are. 
    • Twitter reach: Calculate this percentage by dividing tweet impressions by your total followers. This tells you how many of your followers saw a Tweet. This could heavily influence your strategy and the time of day you choose to Tweet going forward. 

    Ad metrics

    • Results: This metric shows you the number of times people performed an action tied to your ad’s set objective. This gives you a pretty darn good idea on if your campaign was successful. 
    • Cost per result (CPR): This is the average amount you paid for each desired action. CPR helps you stay within budget and calculate your ROI and ROAS. 
    • Key conversions: This metric uses Twitter’s tracking pixel to tell you what happened after someone clicked on your ad. Drilled down numbers like key conversions give you the full picture view of an ad’s performance. 

    Sometimes, posting a Tweet can feel like sending a message out into the ether. But with Twitter Analytics, you can determine if the Tweet actually resonated with anyone out in that great abyss.

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