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    Navigating LinkedIn Campaign Manager

    Every marketing platform has it — the control center where you can do everything from launching an ad campaign to defining your target strategy. For LinkedIn, that tool is called the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Anyone in charge of running campaigns on LinkedIn will be intimately familiar with this all-in-one hub.

    In the LinkedIn Ad Campaign Manager, you can do a lot. To help make it all more digestible, we’ll break it up into four main categories:

    • Manage your account settings
    • Create ad campaigns
    • Target your audience
    • Track campaign performance

    If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks (and I promise you will). Check out AdStage’s LinkedIn integration which allows you to automate manual campaign tasks like optimizing bids, adjusting budgets, and pausing low-performing ads across multiple LinkedIn accounts and campaigns.

    Keep reading to get the overview on navigating LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and to get the LinkedIn Campaign Manager help you need.

    How to set up your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account

    Before you can start exploring the LinkedIn Ads Manager, you have to have an account. Good news – it’s super easy to set up. To create a new LinkedIn Campaign Manager account:

    1. Sign in to your personal account.
    2. Click Work at the top of your homepage and select Advertise.
    3. Complete the fields in the welcome screen and click Create Account.

    Keep in mind that currency can't be changed once an account is created, but you can create a new account with a different currency.

    Once your account is set up, you can give other team members access by following these steps:

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager.
    2. Click the correct account name.
    3. Near the top right of the account page, click the Settings icon next to the account name and select  Manage access from the dropdown.
    4. Click Edit on the top right.
    5. Click Add User to Account.
    6. You can paste in the member's LinkedIn public profile URL (suggested) or type in the name of the member you would like to have added to your ads account.

    Any time you add a member, you'll need to assign them a role. The roles give them access to specific areas of the account and make sure they stay away from the places they don’t need to be. Access ranges all the way from account manager – full access, to viewer – can view, but not edit.

    Manage your account settings

    Once you’ve successfully created your LinkedIn Ads Manager account, you can refine and manage your account settings. Those options include:

    • Edit account details - rename the account
    • Manage access - add, edit, or remove users
    • Billing center - directs you to the account’s billing center page (daily charges, payments, remaining credits)
    • Contact settings - edit email notifications

    You probably won’t spend a lot of time in this area since most of the action happens in the campaign area. But, should you need to make account-wide changes, this is where you’ll do it.

    Create ad campaigns

    Exciting stuff happens in this section of your LinkedIn Campaign Manager. This is where you’ll create and edit your Sponsored Content and Text Ads. That means everything from crafting the ad itself to setting a launch date.

    Regardless of the ad unit you want to work with, the process to launch a campaign starts with the same steps, then you’ll be guided through the appropriate flow.

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager
    2. Select the correct account and campaign group where you want to create the ad
    3. Click the Create campaign button in the top right of the page

    Once you’ve created and saved ad creatives to a campaign in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can still edit the details of the ad, such as the headline, copy, image, or landing page URL.

    To edit your creative:

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager
    2. Click the correct account, campaign group, and campaign name
    3. Move your cursor over the ad name and click the Manage icon from the pop-up
    4. Click the Actions icon to the right of the ad you want to edit and select Edit from the dropdown

    If the creative has already been approved or the campaign is active, you’ll need to duplicate the creative first.

    As you’re getting ready to launch, you can also preview your ad in LinkedIn Ad Campaign Manager. Creative previews are available for Text ads Sponsored Content, and Dynamic Ads, but not Sponsored InMail. To preview an InMail message, you can send yourself a test message.

    To preview a saved creative:

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager
    2. Click the correct account, campaign group, and campaign name where the ad creative is saved
    3. Move your cursor over the creative name and select  Manage from the pop-up
    4. Click the  More icon to the right of the ad creative and select Preview (Sponsored Content) or Preview and edit (Text ads and Dynamics ads) from the dropdown

    Target your audience

    Here’s where you can leverage unique LinkedIn insights about their nearly 600 million members to market to the audience you want.

    Targeting options through LinkedIn Ads Manager

    Because LinkedIn’s platform is built off of career and professional data and connections, it’s able to offer marketers targeting options they won’t get on any other platform. Your LinkedIn Campaign Manager is where you’ll find access to targeting options such as:

    Locations (required field): Allows you to reach members based on where they’re living or visiting.


    • Connections: Allows you to reach the 1st-degree connections of employees at companies you select. Only available for companies with more than 500 employees.
    • Industry
    • Size
    • Name
    • Followers: Allows you to target your own LinkedIn Page followers


    • Member Age
    • Member Gender


    • Fields of Study
    • Member Schools
    • Degrees

    Job Experience

    • Job Function
    • Job Seniority
    • Job Title
    • Member Skills
    • Years of Experience


    • Member Groups
    • Member Interests: Interest categories identified by and inferred from member actions and engagement with content on LinkedIn.

    In this area of LinkedIn Campaign Manager, marketers can also access targeting options with Matched Audiences, LinkedIn’s powerful retargeting tool.

    Getting your targeting down to a perfect science takes a lot of work, and you don’t want to go through the same process every time. Thankfully. LinkedIn Campaign Manager lets you save targeting templates to use for future campaigns.

    To save a targeting template:

    • Sign in to Campaign Manager
    • Click the account and campaign group name
    • Move your cursor over the campaign name and click on the  Manage icon from the pop-up
    • Click Save as new at the bottom of the page
      • If you're updating an existing template, you can click Update existing
    • Type in the name for your new targeting template
    • Click Save template

    Track campaign performance

    Once your ad is up and running, you want to give it enough time to accrue data, and then you want to start pulling reports to see how things are going and where you can optimize.

    In LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can access detailed performance metrics for your ads and download them into a CSV file.

    You can view reports at several different levels including account, ad, and creative.

    To download a performance report at the ad or creative level:

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager
    2. Click on the correct account name and campaign group
    3. Select the checkbox next to the correct campaign name
    4. Click the Ads tab, then select the checkbox next to the correct ad name(s)
    5. Click the Export button at the top right of the page
    6. Select the type of report you would like to download from the pop-up window
    7. Select the timeframe you'd like to use to structure your report (Daily, Monthly or All)
    8. Click Export

    You can make more sense of the data by filtering the performance metrics of a campaign, too:

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager
    2. Click the correct account and campaign group name
    3. Select the checkbox next to the campaign whose graph you want to view
    4. Click on Performance Chart at the top of the page
      1. You can also move your cursor over the name of the campaign and click on the Chart icon from the pop-up.

    Image from LinkedIn Viewing Campaign Metrics In Campaign Manager

    You can filter performance metrics and the reporting Time range by clicking the metric and Time drop downs above the chart.

    If you want to hack through the data even more and create beautiful white label reports, check out AdStage Report. You can also automate your regular reporting with web-based, PDF, or Excel reports that are refreshed and sent out on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


    When you open the LinkedIn Campaign Manager for the first time, it can seem overwhelming. The only way to break through that is by digging in and playing around with it. Set up a fake campaign so you can go through the practice motions before you’re tasked with doing it for real. Before you know it, you’ll be setting up campaigns and pulling reports like you’ve been doing it your whole life.

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